Biodrier Gels x4 for Business, Business 2, Executive Hand Dryers

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The new Biodrier Gels have been reformulated to last as long as the previous 12 pack, meaning you dont need to change as often.

Biodrier Gels are manufactured exclusively for Biodrier and preform 3 jobs in one:

1. Moisturise the hands.
2. Sanitise the product internally, and the users hands.
3. Fragrances the surrounding washroom area whilst in use.

Replacement Fragranced Gel Packs, pack of 4

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These gels are designed for use within the Biodrier Executive Blade, Business and Biodrier Business 2 Blade hand dryers. Transforming the washroom environment by eradicating all offensive odours, eliminating bacteria, and controlling infection.

Each pack contains four gel blocks, with each block lasting 3 months.

Avoid direct skin and eye contact with Biodrier Gels as irritation may occur. Wash hands thoroughly after contact and rinse eyes with water. Seek medical advice if necessary.

Biodrier Gels should be disposed of as hazardous waste in line with local regulations. Prevent entry to sewers and public waterways as gel blocks are toxic to aquatic life.