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The QBIC Guide to Hand Dryers

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Hand hygiene is important when preventing the spread of disease. Commercial washrooms are prone to harbouring bacteria and it’s important to offer effective tools to help lower these levels. Hand dryers were created to ensure users had a way to dry their hands without having to use disposable hand towels, helping the environment and stopping the spread of germs through touch. In this guide, we’re going to look at how hand dryers work and answer some of the most common FAQS.

How do hand dryers work?

Hand dryers work by producing warm air through a heating coil made up of Nichrome (a hybrid of chromium and nickel). Air is taken out of the environment and passed through this heating element, warming it up to around 50 degrees higher than existing room temperature. This warm air is then blown out of the device through a tube or vent. Hands are placed in the path of the warm air and the warmth and pressure evaporate water from wet hands.

Are hand dryers more eco-friendly?

The electricity consumption for regular hand dryers is typically around 2200 watts, however, there are energy-saving devices that reduce this to 1600 watts. Most new hand dryers have infra-red motion sensors installed in them to detect when hands are placed underneath for drying, automatically tuning the dryer on and off to prevent wasting electricity.

Are hand dryers more sanitary?

Hand dryer filters are 99.97% efficient in removing particles from air used for drying hands, reducing the number of disease-causing germs in the air. Some hand dryers have also made it possible for air to be released at 400 mph, which helps sterilize the air before being released into the atmosphere.

Previously, there had been some debate over the effectiveness of hand dryers improving levels of hygiene. This stemmed from the notion that these devices circulate the same air over and over again. Although this was true of older models, new hand dryers utilise High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters to combat this issue.

Best hand dryers - Commercial

With a wide range of hand dryers on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for your commercial needs. The first thing you need to consider is what your priorities are. At QBIC Washrooms, our hand dryers are helpfully sorted into product types allowing you to filter by what you need including hand & face dryers, eco hand dryers, compact hand dryers, quick dry and vandal resistant dryers.

We also stock many of the leading hand dryer brands including Dyson, Warner Howard, Vent Axia and Biodrier.

One of the most popular choices for high traffic washrooms is the Dyson Airblade, an innovative design available in 3 different series - Airblade V, Airblade dB and Airblade Tap. The unusual V-shaped profile is designed to work in even small washrooms, drying hands in 10-12 seconds and saving up to 69% on running costs compared to other dryers.

At QBIC Washrooms, we’re here to help you find the right washroom products for your business. We check our prices constantly to ensure we are unbeaten and offer next day delivery on orders placed before 2 pm. Looking to bulk buy hand dryers? Contact us to find out about our bulk buy discounts.

Legal Requirements For Toilets In Workplace

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When you’re running a business, it’s important to keep on top of your legal requirements when it comes to employee welfare. Your washrooms are an important part of this and if you’re not providing the correct facilities for your staff, you could be breaking health and safety regulations.

Toilet Facilities at Work - The Regulations

Let’s take a look at the legal aspects of washroom facilities. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. Regulation 20, Sanitary Convenience, states that;

  1. Suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences shall be provided at readily accessible places.
  2. Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1), sanitary conveniences shall not be suitable unless -
    1. the rooms containing them are adequately ventilated and lit;
    2. they and the rooms containing them are kept in a clean and orderly condition; and
    3. separate rooms containing conveniences are provided for men and women except where and so far as each convenience is in a separate room the door of which is capable of being secured from inside.

So, what does this mean for my business?

  • Your toilets must be located in convenient areas for staff to reach
  • Toilets must supply clean hot, cold or warm water
  • Toilets should be close to any changing rooms
  • You must include soap, soap dispensers or other means of cleaning
  • There must be towels, hand dryers or other means of drying hands available
  • All washrooms should be well ventilated with sufficient lighting
  • Washrooms must be kept clean and tidy
  • Separate facilities for men and women should be provided if possible, if not then a single room with a toilet and a locked door

How many toilets/basins do I need in my office?

There is an approved code of practice in place that states the minimum number of toilets and washbasins required based on the number of people in your office. This is broken down into mixed-use (or women only) toilets and men only toilets.

Mixed (women only) toilets

Number of people at work Number of toilets Number of washbasins
1 - 5 1 1
6 - 25 2 2
26 - 50 3 3
51 - 75 4 4
76 - 100 5 5

Toilets used by men only

Number of men at work Number of toilets Number of urinals
1 - 15 1 1
16 - 30 2 1
31 - 45 2 2
46 - 60 3 2
61 - 75 3 3

At QBIC Washrooms, we offer a wide range of quality commercial washroom products for your office space. Whether you’re looking for efficient hand dryers from brands such as Dyson and Vent Axia, or you’re looking to install hygienic soap dispensers, we have everything you need to get your washrooms up to code.

Contact a member of the QBIC Washrooms team today for more information. We offer bulk discounts and next day delivery available when you place an order before 2 pm.

The Market’s Best Dryers

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We are only happy when you are completely content with the service that you have received. If you do need to find out more information about a product you’re interested in before placing an order, just let us know. Why not browse the site to view our diverse selection of dryers today? If you wish to speak to an advisor, simply call 0207 965 7257.

Hotel Handdryers

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Take a look at QBIC Washrooms if you require hand dryers for hotels. At QBIC Washrooms, we are able to supply some of the most impressive and innovative hand dryers on the market, from brands as illustrious as Dyson, Mitsubishi and Air Blade. More and more hotels, restaurants, public houses and other organisations are choosing us over the competition all the time thanks to the quality of our supplies. You can contact us at any point if you do have any queries about what we can do for you, so why not get in touch today? We always listen to what you have to say so we can continue to serve you effectively and what’s more is that we’re able to offer some of the most competitive prices for market-leading hand dryers around.

Giving You More

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The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Unheated Blade Eco Hand Dryer White is one of our most popular solutions and is noted for its quick dry times, quiet operation, excellent product life, high energy efficiency and it’s fantastic standard of hygiene. We are more than happy to provide you with more information on this product and all the other solutions in our range, so why wait any longer to get in touch if you have been searching for the best hand dryers for pubs? Learn more by taking a look around the site or by calling us on 0207 965 7257.

Hand Dryers For Pubs

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Do you need hand dryers for pubs? If so, look no further than QBIC Washrooms. At QBIC Washrooms, we are only happy when you are completely satisfied with the first-class resources we provide you with, and more and more public house managers and owners are choosing us over the competition all the time when they need hand dryers from leading brands including Air Blade, Dyson and Mitsubishi. We can give you access to some of the latest and most innovative dryers on the market, and what’s more is that we are also known for our highly-competitive prices.

The Most Innovative Solutions

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Perhaps you’re interested in the Dyson Airblade DB Hand Dryer Grey or Silver? This product is regarded as the world’s fastest hand dryer and is remarkably energy-efficient. It has been redesigned to offer lower noise output and boasts a hygienic HEPA filtered airflow. If you’re not sure which products to purchase, we can share our knowledge with you to help you come to the right decision. Find out more by browsing the site or calling us on 0207 965 7257.

Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

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Help is at hand if you’re procuring goods for a hotel, public house, council, educational institution, restaurant or any other kind of organisation and need to obtain the best hand dryers on the market. At QBIC Washrooms, we have years of experience to draw upon and we are only happy when you are completely satisfied with the solutions that we have provided. You can get in touch with us at any time if you do have any questions about how our services can work for you. Are you looking for hand dryers from trusted brands like Mitsubishi, Dyson and Air Blade? If so, we are fully-equipped to assist you, and what’s more is that we are renowned for our highly-competitive prices.

Commercial Baby Changing Units

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At QBIC we pride ourselves in supplying top quality products, and our range of baby changing stations is no different. Some of the features include the baby changing table being able to support up to 200lbs. The steel-on-steel door hinges provide excellent durability for the door with smooth opening and closing mechanisms.

Our baby changing tables can be horizontal wall mounted to make it more comfortable to change a baby at a convenient height. The baby changing units included child protection straps as standard conforming to EN Standards and meeting ADA requirements when properly mounted.

If you’re in need of commercial baby changing units for your business look no further than QBIC Washrooms.

Commercial Hand Dryers

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If you're looking for a supplier for "commercial hand dryers" we'd love to help you. We're a leading provider of commercial hand dryers and have the latest ranges in stock for delivery at competitive prices. We stock many ranges including Dyson (see some of these great ranges just here) - we also stock Mitsubishi Hand Dryers (learn more just here)

The "New Dyson Airblade" hand dryer is ideal if you are looking for commercial hand dryers for your premises - and as one of the leading suppliers to Schools, Pubs, Hotels, Offices and other commercial premises you can buy with confidence from QBIC.

The new Dyson Airblade is an ultra high speed dryer with a unique slim line design, is highly energy efficient and has a unique V shape to dry hands more effectively. If you are looking for "Commercial Hand Dryers" please call us to get your quote and see why QBIC is fast becoming a leading provider of commercial hand dryers. See some of our latest hand dryers just here.

NEW! Dyson Airblade V HU02 Hand Dryer White at QBIC

  • Ultra high speed dryer
  • 2 HEPA filters
  • Unique V-shape dries hand effectively
  • Slim Line Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Documented carbon footprint
  • Call now for your best price
  • Commercial Hand Dryers