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What Are Shower Seats And When You Need One

By Ben Ben 6 days ago 56 Views No comments

Our reflexes fade away when we grow older, this makes us lose much of our mobility. But our need for moving freely do not go away. This makes daily tasks increasingly hard, like simply using the lavatory, to bathe and take a shower. Washrooms are a very likely place where one could fall, this is especially dangerous for the elderly. For those over the age of 65, falling alone could cause serious injury and may require a trip to the hospital. This danger of falling made a lot of the elderly population opt to get a carer or even moving in an assisted facility.

Shower Seats as Alternatives

Here is where washroom facilities to help the elderly move around comes in. Shower seats, for example, it gives the elderly their much-needed stability when moving around the shower. Sitting down is more comfortable for them and it virtually removes the risk of them falling, it is almost impossible to fall when you are sitting down. Getting in and out of the shower is now safer with shower seats. But, while all shower seats are designed with the safety of the elderly in mind, some are better than others. Introducing the line of Bobrick Shower Seats.

Bobrick Folding Shower Seat

It is manufactured in ivory-coloured, 8mm thick compact grade laminate. It folds away so if it is not in use, it does not get in the way. The frame and the mounting brackets are made out of stainless steel to prevent rusting, and it has a self-locking mechanism. When installed properly it should hold the weight of up to 204 kilograms. The laminate material is durable and water resistant.

Bobrick Reversible Folding Shower Seat

Also coated with ivory-coloured, 13mm thick compact grade laminate. The Bobrick Reversible Folding Shower Seat is reversible, that means it can be installed both left and right hand. The frame and the mounting brackets are made out of stainless steel to prevent rusting, and it has a self-locking mechanism. When installed properly it should hold the weight of up to 163 kilograms. The laminate material is durable and water resistant.

Bobrick Folding Shower Seat with Padded Cushion

Another folding shower seat from Bobrick, but this time it has a padded cushion for added safety and comfort. It is also reversible so it can be installed both left and right hand. The cushion padding is waterproof to ensure longevity. When installed properly it should support the weight of up to 163 kilograms. It complies with the planning guide for accessible restrooms. The frame and the mounting brackets are made out of type 304 stainless steel to prevent rusting, and it has a self-locking mechanism. It folds away so if it is not in use, it does not get in the way.

Safety Note When Installing Shower Seats

Consult and comply with local building codes when installing shower seats. Because shower seats are not stronger than the mounting points and the walls where they are going to be attached. These parameters must be secured in order to achieve the load limits which they are designed to support.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Portable Air Conditioner

By Ben Ben 8 days ago 232 Views No comments

There are a handful of reasons that can hinder your decision to install an air conditioning system. The area you live in might prohibit the installation of such a system. Perhaps you don't want to go through the hassle of having modifications to your house just to fit a central air conditioning system. Insert the portable air conditioner. Now cooling the air just got a whole lot easier. We are listing the 5 reasons why you should buy a portable air conditioner like the De'Longhi PAC EX120 .

1.) Cooling and Dehumidification

The De'Longhi PAC EX120 and in fact most portable air conditioning systems come with a dehumidification function. The EX120 can remove up to 32 litres of moisture in the air per day. Dehumidification is important in keeping your place dry. A lot of people suffer from allergies when the place is very humid. Humidity adds moisture to the air, and it makes it feel hotter and unpleasant. There are also instances when it's no longer hot, it's just humid. Portable air conditioners can switch to dehumidification mode only to save energy.

2.) Perfect For Small Spaces

In the city, a lot of people living in flats that have limited space find portable air conditioners, the perfect solution. They do not take up a lot of space, and it doesn't require installation. This type of appliance truly plugs and play. And when the time to leave the flat comes, you could just easily unplug it and take it wherever with you.

3.) Cooling Anywhere

If your idea of a holiday is caravanning, you probably are aware that RVs and caravans do not have reliable air conditioners. A lot of them doesn’t even have one at all. Portable air conditioners can be deployed anywhere as long as there is mains electricity. So if you probably have one at home, just bring it with you so you stay cool and fresh on your holiday.

4.) Cut Cooling Costs Down

As a general rule, portable air conditioning systems use less energy because they are smaller than central air conditioning systems. Central air conditioning system uses a lot of energy because when it's turned on, it always cools the whole house. Using a portable air conditioning system when you only need to cool one room, instead of using the central system could significantly lower your energy usage.

5.) No Limitations

Flats do not allow installation of window type air conditioners. And it's wasteful to opt for central air conditioners because flats are generally not that big anyway. Sometimes, even city ordinances prohibit the installation of such things. This is another great use case for the portable air conditioner, no installation required and it works just like a desk fan just plug it and play.

Product Feature Specifications

De’Longhi PAC EX120 Silent Air Conditioning Unit

    • Eco-Friendly
    • LED Information Display
    • Energy Class A Cooling
    • De’Longhi Real Feel Technology
    • Remote Control
    • Optimal operation for rooms up to 115 cubic meters
    • Dehumidification function
    • R290 propane gas natural refrigerant
    • Cooling capacity at 35 ° C / 80% rh: 11,500 Btu / h
    • Digital timer and thermostat

Difference Between Air Purification System and Air Freshener Dispensers

By Ben Ben 22 days ago 74 Views No comments

It's becoming commonplace for modern houses and offices to become installed with a device to improve the quality of the surrounding air. Some people opt for the Air Freshener and some go for the Air Purifier. While each has its own set of pros and cons, the other might actually be bringing more harm than good. This article discusses the difference between an air purifier like the BioZone Air Purification System and an air freshener.

What Is An Air Purifier And How Does It Work?

You can think of an air purifier as like a gas mask. It works by filtering the air passing through it and as a result, giving out pure, fresh clean air. It removes small particles that are potentially harmful if breathed in, like dust, pollen, fur, dander, chemicals, and so much more. Air purifiers come in many different shapes and size The BioZone Air Purification System, for example, can be installed on a wall or a ceiling. They also are equipped with varying filter tolerances, as a result, some filters don't sift through the air as thorough as the others so not all of them are the same.

How Does An Air Freshener Compare?

To begin with, there are two types of air fresheners, one's the passive air freshener and the other, is an active air freshener. Passive air fresheners work by heating up an element which produces the fragrance. In contrast, active air fresheners work essentially by spraying an aerosol which then provides the fragrance. No matter which type of air freshener you choose. They basically work the same way, by introducing a fragrance in order to mask the bad odor in the air. The downside to how they function is the potential hazard due to the chemicals the fragrance contains. You may wanna stay away from air fresheners if you suffer from a respiratory illness.

Why You Should Choose The Air Purifier?

The answer is simple. It’s because air purifiers actually clean the surrounding air. Air purifiers remove potentially harmful particles in the air that cause odor, rather than just masking it. Also, unlike air fresheners, air purifiers require little to no maintenance. Where air fresheners need to be refilled with fragrance, air purifiers work 24/7 with an electricity consumption the same as with a low-power LED light bulb, which if you’re familiar with it, virtually consumes no electricity at all.

Product Feature Specifications

BioZone Air Purification System

    • Can purify the air in rooms up to 30 square meters big.
    • Contains no harmful chemicals.
    • Quiet operation.
    • Kills virtually ALL the bacteria in the air.
    • Runs all the time, 24/7.
    • Environment-friendly.
    • Cheap to run.
    • Little maintenance required.
    • Can be installed anywhere.

Smelling good and smelling clean can both be achieved. But it is important to go for clean air first. After you have implemented an air purification system, there is no problem with enhancing how the air smells by installing an air freshener.

Why You Should Have A Shower Dispenser?

By Ben Ben 28 days ago 49 Views No comments

Are you tired of having shampoo and soap bottles in your washroom? Having bottles clutter your washroom is a huge hassle, not only they always get in the way. You have to replace bottles when they ran out. Bottles cause potential harm to the environment as well. Approximately 13 billion plastic bottles are being used every year in the UK alone, but only 7.5 billion are recycled. In the washroom, having the Essential Double Shower Dispenser definitely helps with all these problems. It is an affordable, ergonomic, stylish, and reliable washroom equipment. We are going to point out the reasons why you should have a shower dispenser.

It Reduces Washroom Clutter

In a typical UK household, washrooms usually have at least two bottles for products. One for shampoo and the other for either soap or hair conditioner. The Essential Double Shower Dispenser gets rid of these redundant bottles.

One-time Install Long Term Benefit

Instead of replacing empty washroom bottles from time to time. The Essential Double Shower Dispenser can very easily be installed using silicone glue or screwing it to a wall. This would allow you to no longer have cluttering washroom bottles anymore.

Ease Of Use

Dispensing products from bottles could be imprecise and more often than not, you tend to put more on your hands than you would actually use. These are exactly the kind of problems shower dispensers are made to solve. The Essential Double Shower Dispenser has a wide twist-off lid that makes refilling it a breeze. It also has an ergonomically designed dispense button to provide easy dispensing of the product. You could easily see the amount of product left in each reservoir because they have clear sidings so you would know when is the right time to refill them.


Shower dispensers allow you to buy the product in bulk, so they would not come in separate bottles. They would usually come in industrial style big packets. And that way it would produce lower amounts of plastic waste. Another advantage of the Essential Double Shower Dispenser is that it has rust and corrosion protection. This eliminates the chance of it breaking down so you don't have to replace and throw it away.

Potential Money Savings

Most of the time, the bulk price of washroom consumable products like shampoos and soaps is significantly lower than the retail price. This is only logical because the manufacturer would have to pay for the label printing and the bottles they come in. Essential Double Shower Dispenser is also carefully designed to dispense a precise amount of product that would be enough for one use. In the long haul, this would save you money by avoiding wasteful dispensing errors that you would otherwise get in bottled washroom products.

Product Specification

    • Wide twist-off lid that makes refilling a breeze.
    • Rust & corrosion protection.
    • Easy to operate ergonomic dispense button.
    • Clear sidings.
    • 400 x 2 ml capacity
    • Dimensions 190x180x90mm (height x width x depth)

Whether you own a business or you are using it at home, the Essential Double Shower Dispenser is a perfect washroom equipment either way. Its elegant style would fit any modern washroom interior design. Visit our Shop to get yours now.

Dyson Airblade V Hand Dryer Review: What's Different About It?

By Ben Ben 28 days ago 70 Views No comments

In a previous article, we have listed 4 reasons why hand dryers are better than paper towels. But Dyson, a leading manufacturer of washroom equipment, set their sights on the crown for the best hand dryer ever. A lot of generic hand dryers can be boisterous, unhygienic, sluggish and ungainly. The Dyson Airblade V Hand Dryer is solving all these. This hand dryer is designed to be silent, hygienic, quick and compact.


The Airblade V Hand Dryer is noise rated at just 79 dB. It achieves this class-leading noise level by employing several cutting-edge high techs. There is an aerodynamic motor package that features a redesigned impeller and an inner diffuser to enable sound optimized airflow paths. Also in pursuit of quieter operation, air apertures were reduced to 0.55mm where usually it's at 0.8mm. This particular hand dryer received a Quit Mark after The Noise Abatement Society tested its loudness.

High Tech Digital Motor

Dyson has updated and reprogrammed the digital motor to produce precisely 1000 Watts. This is again done to reduce noise, but also important to improve the performance. The new motor allows this hand dryer to spin at 90,000 rpm, this means it can produce up to 430 mph of air rushing out of it.


Dyson guarantees the Airblade V Hand Dryer for 5 years. It was designed with durability in mind. The key to this outstanding durability is the inherent simplicity of the AC motor. Because there are only 3 moving parts in it, there is almost no point of failure.

Safety First: How Grab Rails Increase Washroom Safety

By Ben Ben 1 month ago 837 Views No comments

More than 18 percent of the UK population is over 65. And nearly 17 percent are disabled. It is essential for almost every lavatory to have grab rails installed because the floor is usually damp and slippery. If you see grab rails installed all around the lavatory, it gives you a sense of comfort when you hold on to them. You are not worried about when you lose your footing, you would stay upright. Whether be it in your home or in your office building, you should promote safety first. Read on for factors on how grab rails increase washroom safety.

Added Balance

Unlike younger people and the able-bodied. The disabled and the elderly do not have the same amount of balance. Entering the lavatory alone can be very difficult. It is especially difficult for the disabled because as far as they're concerned holding on grab rails are their only means of moving around. For the elderly, lowering themselves to the loo could be a challenge. To help the disabled move around, MediQo has made a left and right mounted 90-degree angled grab bars. And to help the elderly lower themselves to the loo, MediQo made a 130-degree angled grab rail.

Grab Rails Are For Everyone

The most common misconception about grab rail is that they're only used by the disabled and the elderly. This way of thinking made people ever distant to the idea of installing them. If they don't have an elderly or disabled living in the house. Grab rails though are more practical than you might think. If you're doing work around the lavatory, you can hold on to grab rails if, for example, you are reaching the floor. When kids are taking a bath, grab rails give them an extra layer of protection as it gives them something to hold on to in case they accidentally slip, giving you less worry.

4 Reasons Why Hand Dryers Are Better Than Paper Towels

By Ben Ben 2 months ago 215 Views No comments

When you go to the lavatory after you wash your hands, you often have two options to dry them. It's either use the hand dryer or pull a piece of paper and wipe them down. Most people opt for the faster paper towel option, but is it the better option? Some studies even say that hand dryers are less hygienic. But as it turns out, there is a lot happening in the background. And as it seems the hand dryer is turning out to be the ideal way to dry your hands. On this article, we are going to feature the top selling hand dryer from Mitsubishi Electric, the Jet Towel and talk about the 4 reasons why it is so much better than paper towels.

The QBIC Guide to Hand Dryers

By chris foster 7 months ago 575 Views No comments

Hand hygiene is important when preventing the spread of disease. Commercial washrooms are prone to harbouring bacteria and it’s important to offer effective tools to help lower these levels. Hand dryers were created to ensure users had a way to dry their hands without having to use disposable hand towels, helping the environment and stopping the spread of germs through touch. In this guide, we’re going to look at how hand dryers work and answer some of the most common FAQS.

Legal Requirements For Toilets In Workplace

By chris foster 7 months ago 1426 Views No comments

When you’re running a business, it’s important to keep on top of your legal requirements when it comes to employee welfare. Your washrooms are an important part of this and if you’re not providing the correct facilities for your staff, you could be breaking health and safety regulations.

The Market’s Best Dryers

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We are only happy when you are completely content with the service that you have received. If you do need to find out more information about a product you’re interested in before placing an order, just let us know. Why not browse the site to view our diverse selection of dryers today? If you wish to speak to an advisor, simply call 0207 965 7257.