What is a Paper Towel Dispenser?

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What is a Paper Towel Dispenser?

A paper towel dispenser is an appliance that has been specially designed for dispensing paper towels in public toilets for drying hands. The Paper Towel Dispensers are available in different types some are operated by a handle, some by pulling the paper from the dispenser and some operated automatically by using a motion sensor.

How does an automated Paper Towel dispenser work?

As you know that paper towel dispensers have become a very essential utility tool in public washrooms in the UK. it is always experienced that people always face difficulties and have confusion in using automatic paper towel dispensers. But most of the public washrooms now use automatic one in place of another normal paper towel dispenser. The reason behind using an automated paper towel dispenser is, when you use a traditional paper towel dispenser, the amount of paper wastage is more than an automatic one.

The modern automatic paper towel dispenser is easy to use and automatically dispenses the paper for use in the required amount in every demand. It provides you a completely hands-free experience and ensures complete hygiene to the customers.

Benefits of Using Automated Paper Towel Dispensers

There are lots of benefits of using automated paper towel dispensers:

  • Motion-based dispensing feature

The Automatic paper towel dispenser works based on motion detection, once the motion is detected, the next paper towel is dispensed automatically and it will hang from the dispenser machine till someone uses it. after using the existing paper towel, the device automatically dispenses the next one. So, you don’t need to worry about pulling the paper towel from the machine, you will be able to directly access the paper towel.

  • Ensures Proper Hygiene

An automatic paper towel is completely touch-free and doesn’t require any human touch, so it always ensures proper hygiene to the users.

  • Huge Paper holding Capacity

Usually, Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser offers huge paper holding capacity, so that users have not to worry about refilling the towels again and again.

  • Use Recycled Paper towel

You can use recycled paper towel in the automated paper towel dispenser and provides an eco-friendly alternative of paper towel dispenser and reduce the cutting of trees.

  • Lesser Consumption of Paper Towels

An automatic paper towel dispenses the right amount of paper at every dispense and reduces the wastage of paper towels. This ensures the lesser consumption of paper towels.

  • Cost Saving

Since an automatic paper towel dispenser offers lesser consumption of paper towels by providing the right amount of paper towels in every dispense, so it also ensures cost-saving.

So, these are some benefits of using an automatic paper towel dispenser. If you are thinking of investing in a paper towel dispenser for any public toilets like in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes, and anywhere, you can go for an automatic paper towel dispenser.

How do you refill a Paper towel dispenser?

It is very easy to refill a paper towel dispenser, for refilling you can follow these steps:

  • Use the key to open the Paper towel dispenser cover
  • Then place the paper towel roll in with the paper going underneath the roll- not over the top, it avoids the paper towel from crumpling and jamming
  • Gently guide the paper between the rolls and press the level down once to get the paper through
  • Be sure that paper is coming out of the slot in the front cover and close the door and now you are good to go.

How do you open a paper towel dispenser without key OR How to fix a paper towel dispenser?

Have your paper towel dispenser any problem or broken? And you want to fix it or open it. in this article, we are suggesting some simple steps to fix or open your paper towel dispenser.

  • Step:1

Open the cover of your paper towel dispenser using a screwdriver and turn it counter-clockwise. Usually, paper towel dispensers come with a key to unlock but if you don’t have, you can also use a screwdriver.

  • Step:2

Look for the actual problem of the paper-towel dispenser, your paper towel dispenser may have any jam, check every space inside it and remove the wads of paper towels.

  • Step:3

You should tear off the paper towels from the top of the rollers and remove the roll of paper towels. Also, pull the lever of the paper-towel dispenser again and again to dislodge any remaining paper towels.

  • Step:4

Replace the roll of paper towels and be sure that the roll is coming over the top towards you. Sometimes the paper towels may come out of the dispenser if the roll is backward and tear off from inside and cause jams.

  • Step:5

Load the paper towels through the rollers. Pull the paper-towel dispenser’s lever three or four times to make sure the paper is completely loaded through.

  • Step:6

Now close the paper-towel dispenser cover and use the screwdriver clockwise to lock, if you have key, you can use it for lock the paper-towel dispenser.

How to choose the best paper towel dispenser?

Usually, people ask “how to choose the best paper towel dispenser?”. In this article, we will cover all the essentials things which will help you to choose the right paper towel dispenser for your toilet.

The features which should be considered during choosing the best one:

  • Material

Choosing a paper-towel dispenser made of the right material is very important and the first thing to be considered. The paper towel dispensers are available in different types of materials like stainless steel, aluminum alloy, ABS plastic, and ceramic dispensers. You can choose any one of them.

  • Design

If you want your washroom will look great, you should choose a towel dispenser that blends well with your washroom decoration and lifestyle. these types of towel dispensers add modernity and elegancy to your washroom.

  • Size

The size of the dispenser is also very important to choose the right paper towel dispenser. If you choose a bulky paper towel dispenser, it could offer more stability and long-lasting performance, the compact model could leave you plenty of space so that you can install it in small space areas. So, choosing the right size is also a crucial factor that should be considered.

  • Price

Usually, paper towel dispensers are quite affordable but some models of paper towels are available at high prices, so when you should think of investing in a paper towel dispenser, you should take a look at the price. you will find that a low-cost dispenser is as capable as a high-cost paper towel dispenser, you should choose the cheaper one. But if you don’t find a good one at low-cost then try to choose the right one if you could have to pay more.

  • Additional Features

You should also consider some additional features like sensor range, sheet length, and others for choosing the right one.

How do You Get Paper Towels to Roll Out without a Paper towel dispenser?

There are some simple steps to get paper towels to roll out:

  • Step-1: At first get a paper towel roll, you can choose any type.
  • Step-2: cut a hole in the top, slightly larger than the diameter of the cardboard tube
  • Step-3: then squeeze the paper towel roll on all sides to loosen the tube
  • Step-4: Take the cardboard tube out
  • Step-5: retract the tube (you can recycle it or use it in any other project)
  • Step-6: Now pull the inmost paper sheet out to get it started
  • Step-7: Finally, your self-made paper towel dispenser is ready to roll out without a paper towel dispenser.


so, paper towels dispensers are undoubtedly a convenient and effective device of dispensing hand drying towels. The wall-mounted and automatic dispenser helps to keep the towels neat, dry, and free from any type of contamination. They also eliminate the wastage of paper towels and offer an eco-friendly operation.

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