Air Purification Systems

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Air Purification Systems

It is one thing to have a pleasant atmosphere indoors, and it is entirely another for the air to be clean. As much as air fresheners can guarantee the former, the latter is left to air purification systems with efficient filters and better innovations rolling in by the clock. A purification system will also annihilate microbes that cause odour: hence you are killing two birds with a stone while saving the money for air fresheners.

Health professionals have stressed the importance of clean, pure indoor air, free from microbes in prolonging one’s life and maintaining sound health. And this why you should get effective UV purification systems like AirdriSteraSpace. Machines like SteraSpace filter the air with UV (ultraviolet) lamps which kill 99.99% of airborne microbes including Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). SteraSpace air purification systems, based on their functions, are referred to as SteraSpace air & surface sanitisers.

How do Airdri Stera Space Air & Surface Sanitisers Work?

Airdri SteraSpace Air & Surface Sanitisers provide 99.99% infection and odour free air by sanitising the air and exposed surfaces. They do this by continuously emitting a disinfecting plasma that eliminates airborne and surface micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and moulds.

  • Internal and Transmitted Disinfecting Technologies Technically, purification is achieved by utilising a combination of internal and transmitted disinfecting technologies. The internal technology involves contaminated air from the indoor space passing through the plasma chamber over the Dual waveband UV Lamp. Irradiation from the UV light is germicidal and kills microorganisms by disrupting their genetic material and removing their reproductive capabilities, thus rendering them inactive and harmless.
  • The Disinfecting Plasma

The Gericidial and disinfectant plasma are formed simultaneously by the reaction of the UV light with the Nano-coated titanium dioxide. The reaction produces highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (OH) superoxide ions. And the UV lamp produces low levels of Ozone: these three—OH radicals, superoxide ions, and O3—form the highly efficacious disinfecting plasma that is continuously emitted out into the surrounding space.

  • Superoxide Ions and Ozone Clean the Surrounding Air

Superoxide ions in the plasma begin to surround airborne particles forming clusters. The ions, then, deactivate the particles that are harmful microorganisms leaving harmless clusters to fall away. OH radicals cause oxidative damage to the microorganisms releasing carbon dioxide and water.

Superoxide ions are heavier than airborne air particles making them fall away. Hence, removing pollen, pollution, and smoke particles from the air to give clean air. The low-level ozone created by UV light is a highly diffusive gas and oxidising agent. It diffuses into microorganisms and destroys their genetic materials, hence, making the microbes inactive.


Why Choose AirdriSteraSpace?

In less than 10 minutes, with the Internal chamber and transmission technology, SteraSpace purification systems have been proven to eliminate 99.99 % of airborne microorganisms. It has also been proven to significantly reduce microorganisms on surfaces in less than 15 minutes regardless of the location.

SteraSpace cleans thoroughly by passing sanitised air deep into fabrics, carpet and other soft furnishings, making them last longer. The UV lamp, which is responsible for the disinfection properties of the purification systems, is charged once a year; this reduces the running cost of a SteraSpace unit.

Adding to its disinfection efficacy, this air purifier can sanitize varying from a washroom, elevator, and office to different areas in the home, and its 80m2 floor coverage makes this easy. In addition to its wide floor coverage, SteraSpace has a range of purification systems specialised to cater for varying environments.


Airdri SteraSpace’sGot Range!

Different environments come with their microbial load depending on the kind of task that is carried out there. SteraSpace understands this and that is why it has a range of air & surface purification units with different ones suitable for any kind of environments.

SteraSpace Washroom Units

A washroom takes in clothes(washables) from various locations; this makes it a home for many microorganisms not limited to Salmonella, pneumonia, norovirus, E.coli, hepatitis A and B, influenza. An unhygienic washroom with a good number of microbes is also bound to give strong odours.

SteraSpace Washroom units (SteraSpace Washroom and SteraSpace Washroom+) have been built with the required features to cater for the many microbes and strong odour of a washroom. SteraSpace Washroom will take care of your home and office washroom needs covering a maximum of 30m2 floor space, and allowing up to a thousand daily use;AirdriSteraSpaceWashroom+ on the other hand is for a commercial washroom allowing up to 10,000 uses per day, and at maximum covers 40m2 floor space.

 Lastly, note that these units are designed specifically for a washroom and should not be used in another environment.

SteraSpace 20 and SteraSpace 80

SteraSpace 20 has two types: SteraSpace 20-PSA10 and SteraSpace 20-PSA20. Each deviced are numbered according to the surface area in which they cover. They are both noiseless devices suitable for for bedrooms and other residential areas, waiting rooms, a library, and other places characterised by decorum.

The difference between the two is the floor space coverage: the PSA10 covers an area of 10m2while the PSA20 covers 20m2.

Airdri SteraSpace 80 on the other hand covers up to 80m2 floor space accordingly, and it has a fan that aids the distribution of sanitised air. The fan doesn’t make it completely silent but the noise would be negligible in large reception areas, changing rooms, kitchens, corridors, and other large floored areas where it is specialised.

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