AirDri Eco Low Cost Hand Dryers 7 Year Warranty

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Hand washing after visiting the toilet is an irreplaceable aspect of promoting personal hygiene. This is very essential in this Corona virus era where it is very essential to keep your hands clean to stay healthy. After washing your hands, it is crucial to keep them dry to prevent your hand from attracting germs. You need a hand dryer to achieve this.

Using hand dryers in place of paper towels is very beneficial. Hand dryers are highly cost-efficient, they promote better hygiene due to the lack of contact with the appliance when in use, they are eco-friendly  they provide a better bathroom experience and are very easy to maintain. Examples of the best hand dryers in the world are the AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS. They are eco-friendly and they save massive cost.



Our NEW AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS designed for your luxury!

In order to rescue you from the heartrending amount you spend on paper towels, we have designed the AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS to meet your exact needs. There are three hand dryers in this range: Quazar, Quantum and Quest. They have been made with  exquisite functions that makes then a must- have for smooth running of your organization.


Maintaining a high standard of hygiene in the workplace is very vital. This is especially true for vulnerable environments such as health care facilities, Kitchens, restaurants, and toilets.. Our AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS are designed to work perfectly at home, in cafés, restaurants, bars, night clubs, offices, primary school, high school, university, library, shopping centre, airports and even stadiums. Here are the benefits you will enjoy if you purchase one of our AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS.

  • Saves you massive amounts of money!

Our Eco Range hand dryers are affordable and cheap to run. They consume very low energy thus drastically reducing running cost. The Quantum model has a running cost of £7 per year as opposed to using paper towels worth over £1,1412 annually.

  • Very easy to use

Using any of our ECO RANGE hand dryers  is so quick and easy. It takes just a few seconds to get your hands properly dried. You also do not have to worry about maintaining any level of physical contact as it is with an infrared system that detects the presence of your hands under the device.

  • Very easy to set up

Buying new appliances can be a nightmare sometimes because of the difficulty associated with setting up.  We have provided the most easy to understand manual as a guide that contains zero technical jargon. We also have technical support for you if you reside in the UK.

  • Fast drying speed

AIRDRI RANGE HAND DRYERS are the fastest hand dryers you can ever acquire. With our dryers, you don’t have to waste unnecessary time just to get your hands dry.  The Quantum model  uses just 12 seconds to completely dry your hands. AIDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS are affordable and cheap to run. They are so designed to run on minimal electrical energy. Our Quantum hand dryer runs on just 200 watts therefore conserving energy. It also has a running cost of just £7 per years opposed to using paper towels worth a whopping sum of £1,412 annually.

  • Low noise emissions

One major reason why people detest hand dryers is the noise they make. Our AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS are designed to produce the lowest noise output which makes it usable by the aged, the young and persons that are noise intolerant. Our Quazar ECO RANGE HAND DRYER has a 70dBA noise level.

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant

Our AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS are in full compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The act prohibits any form of discrimination against Persons Living With Disabilities (PLWDs). Our AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS are designed with PLWDs in mind. Thus any one can make use of the dryers irrespective of any impairment they may be experiencing.

  • UK support

You will receive professional and technical support as regards setting up and maintenance of your AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS if you reside in UK. In addition to that, advise on maintenance and setting up will be aptly provided to you wherever you may reside across the globe.

  • Up to 7 years warranty

When you purchase any of our AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS, you have a whopping 7years warranty. We pride ourselves on our reputation of producing some of the most reliable, long lasting hand dryers in the market. We know confidently, that the hand dryer will serve you without fail for years.


The AIRDRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS are the green standard of hand dryers. That means they are environment friendly. We have 3 reliable and durable hand dryers in this range. They are listed with their special benefits below.


Our Quazar model is very durable and easy to use. It has an ultra slim profile. It has a drying speed of 17 seconds. It also has the lowest noise output of 70dBA in the AIRDIRI ECO RANGE. It offers a superior energy efficient solution.

In addition to that, the Quazar model is social inclusive in the sense that it is modelled to serve high traffic environments. The annual running cost is just £50 and it saves you £1,410 of purchasing paper towels. To top it off, you can order yours in either white, black or chrome colour. This is in a bid for it to be suitable for your particular theme. It comes with a 7 year warranty and it is highly ADA compliant.


The Quantum model is the highest speed dryer with 12 seconds drying speed. It also consumes the lowest energy of the AIRDIRI ECO RANGE HAND DRYERS running on just 200 watts. The annual running cost is £7 if used 200 times per day. It has a life expectancy of 10,000 drying hours! It further saves you a massive £1,453 of purchasing paper towels.

Like the Quazar, the Quantum model has a low noise output of 85dBA. It comes in the beautiful colour of brushed stainless steel. You also have a 7 year warranty on your Quantum model.


The new Quest is very befitting for busy washrooms all over the world. It has been duly upgraded with a new and more efficient energy saving motor. It runs on just 955 watts thus reducing energy consumption to the barest minimum. It possesses a very low noise output of 72dBA and has a drying speed of 15 seconds!

The running cost of our Quest model is very low. It's just £41. It helps you save £1,419 which could have been spent on paper towels. It has been designed in 3 different colours to suit your choice: Chrome, white and black. It also has a 7 years warranty for your maximum use.

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