All Info you need before buying a Soap Dispenser?

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All Info you need before buying a Soap Dispenser?

If I am not wrong, everyone is aware of the soap dispenser. But for a general start, we would like to explain “what is a soap dispenser”, so let’s get started.

A soap dispenser is just a device that is used for dispensing soap in the small and right amount. It can be operated automatically or manually; it is used broadly in public toilets.

Now we talk about different types of soap dispensers one by one:

Manual Soap Dispensers

Manual soap dispensers are those types of soap dispensers which is triggered or manipulated by hand for dispensing soap in liquid, powder, or foam form.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

An automatic soap dispenser is a hands-free dispenser that uses both liquid soap and foaming soap. these are also used for hand sanitizers. They are sensor-based and detects the movement under the spout and dispenses the right amount of liquid or foam soap and hand sanitizers for hand washing. Automatic dispensers are generally powered by a battery. They are ideal for public washrooms and also ensure proper hygiene and health to the users.

  • Liquid Soap Dispensers

In liquid soap dispenser, soap is in liquid form, or usually, it is squeezed or triggered by any bottle or pump. Generally, they come in a plastic pump bottle. They are used in both the Manual or Automatic soap dispensers.

  • Dry Soap Dispensers

Some soap dispensers use solid bars of soap and dispensed soap by grating or grinding them into flakes or powder. The 40g weight of dry soap is equal to 1 liter of liquid soap and the dry soap dispenser dispenses up to 400 handwashings. They are available in wall-mounted or free-standing options. They are used in Manual soap dispensers.

  • Foam Soap Dispensers

Foam Soaps can be either the Manual soap dispensers or Automatic soap dispensers. They use dual foam pumps so that when used they can move both air and soap and infusing both together for creating a lather.

 Manual foam soap dispensers usually have a large button that squeezes the foam out of a tube and in a few dispensers, a lever is used that pulls the foam soap forward and squeezed the soap out.

How Does a Soap Dispenser Work?

If your question is “how a soap dispenser work?”, then we would like to answer your question, by the above information, you have already known that Soap dispensers have different types, so it will be obvious that their working process will also be different.

In general, they are of two types, the first one is Manual Soap Dispenser and the other one is Automatic Soap Dispenser. So, we only discuss these two types because all the categories come under this. First, we will start with the manual and then we will go through the Automatic one.

How does a Manual Soap Dispenser Work?

The Manual Soap dispenser uses a pump to dispense the liquid, foam, or dry soap for handwashing. The pump is attached to a tube that runs into the chamber where the soap is placed. When the pump is triggered manually by applying pressure, it first forces air out of the tube to set up a suction effect, which draws the liquid soap back up the tube, dispensing it through the pump nozzle for the handwashing.

And Manual Foaming soap dispensers work a little differently. They have two main chambers for combining and mixing the air and liquid soap and create a lather for handwashing.

How does an Automatic Soap Dispenser work?

Automatic Soap Dispensers are the sensor-based and hands-free device for washing and sanitizing hands. They use a motion detector that detects the hands before the dispenser valve and the soap dispenser pump activates and after removing the hands they automatically shut off the dispenser soap. so, by this mechanism, an automatic soap dispenser work.

Why You Should Invest In An Automatic Soap Dispenser?

All of you are aware of the current situation of the world, maintaining proper hygiene has become the priority of everyone’s life. But when you go to offices or any other public places, bathroom sanitation is the major concern for you. Especially proper handwashing is an important step to prevent pathogens like COVID-19. So, in Public Places, the adoption of hands-free and sensor-based technology in public or private spaces is very crucial. And for this Automatic soap dispenser is worth to invest. This smart technology may become the future of the washrooms to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria to the maximum extent.

An automatic hand wash dispenser is filled with liquid soap solution or foam soap and doesn’t require any form of contact to dispense soap. it uses motion sensors that detect the motion of the hands or the infrared energy that is emitted through body heat. After detecting the movement, it dispenses the right amount of liquid soap solution or foam soap.

So, if you want to maintain your health and hygiene, you should invest in an automatic soap dispenser.

What are the advantages of an automatic or sensor soap dispenser?

As you have known that, an automatic or sensor soap dispenser maintains the proper health and hygiene of the users, but apart from this several other advantages make it worth buying.

  • Hygiene

An automatic soap dispenser is a hands-free device, which prevents the risk of cross-contamination between the users and also the spreading of germs. In public places or shared spaces, installing an automatic soap dispenser is very important. in these places, every day thousands of people using the bathrooms and also use the soap dispenser for hand washing or hand sanitizing, so the possibilities of getting infected are higher if they use a manual or traditional soap dispenser. But an automatic soap dispenser stops the cross-contamination and ensure hygiene.

  • Cost-Effective

in manual dispensers, possibilities of wastage are more. because it does not pump out soap dispensers evenly and users have also no idea about the right amount of soap to cleanse your hands properly. But in automatic soap dispensers, they are designed to dispense a right and even amount of liquid soap solution at every dispenses, this helps in preventing the unnecessary wastage of soap solution and also saves your money.

  • Easy to Maintain

An automatic soap dispenser can also be maintained easily. Traditional or manual soap dispensers are liable to drips and spills but the automatic soap dispenser has not these types of issues. Also, regular soap dispensers dispense the uneven amount of soap based on the how much force is applied which experiences often refill the bottle but in an automatic soap dispenser, the wastage is less and capacity is big, so it holds more liquid soap solution or foam soap and doesn’t require frequently refill the dispenser.

  • Modern and Elegant

An automatic hand wash dispenser is not only used for hand washing but also it adds the modernity and elegancy to your bathroom. They are stylish and versatile so that you can use it for other purposes like hand sanitizer dispenser, hand cream dispenser, body lotion dispenser. Automatic soap dispensers also can be used for dispensing laundry detergent or dishwasher soap. Besides these qualities, they can be easily moved from one place to another and easy to use.

So, these are some basic advantages of an automatic or sensor-based soap dispenser, I hope this article will be helpful for you. If you have any other list of benefits of an automatic soap dispenser or you have experienced anything else, you can share it with us.

Do Soap Dispensers work for hand sanitizer?

There is a confusion between the users “can they use soap dispenser as hand sanitizer?” the simple answer is “Yes”. But when we talk about hand-sanitizer, they may normal liquid-based or alcohol-based. Some models of soap dispensers are compatible with both the liquid soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer, but some are not adaptable with both, alcohol may damage the materials of certain dispensers.

So, according to the nature of the hand-sanitizer, you will have to interchange the tanks and valves of the dispensers, so they can adaptable with different types of soaps such as liquid, alcohol, or foam based. You should also have to be careful to make sure you have the right materials, pumps, and valves in the device so that it dispenses without any damage or intervene in the long run.

How do you fix the Soap Dispenser?

Fixing and maintaining is a very crucial part of keeping your soap dispenser device functioning properly. So, always ensure that your soap dispenser is full of liquid soap solution and working properly so that users don’t have to face any problem.

But, sometimes it happens that the soap dispenser suddenly stops working, so what you will do at that time. If you are a hotel or restaurant owner, it will be not a good thing for your hotel reputation, then what you should do or how you can fix it.

Here are the list of some issues and the solution of fixing soap dispensers:

How to fix a clogged soap dispenser?

If your soap dispenser is clogged with any stiffen or dried soap and prevents your dispenser from functioning properly, then, first of all, you should unscrew the dispenser and pull out the trigger and pump section of the soap dispenser. Now put this pump section in hot water to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes, after dislodging the stiffen soap, pump water through the pump until it runs clear. You can also use any small pipe cleaner to clean out any junk in the pump and dispenser hole. Move the pipe cleaner in a circular motion and clean the tube out.

After applying this mechanism, you will get that your soap dispenser has clogged again or regularly, you should take a look on changing soaps, maybe your soap is the cause of clogging the soap dispenser, some require a thin soap, so diluting the soap properly to prevent from the clogging.

How to fix a Leaking Soap Dispenser?

If your soap dispenser has any leaking problem then it wastes your money as well as becomes a real mess. So, check properly your soap dispenser, where the leak is coming from. If you find the leakage, try to replace the one part instead of the entire soap dispenser. After replacing the leakage part, your problem will be solved.

How to fix a soap dispenser which does not dispense soap?

Is your soap dispenser is full of soap but not dispensing then check what’s the actual problem, it may one or many. First, check, is your dispenser clogged with any solidified soap, if yes, then follow the above instruction to unclogged the soap dispenser. If you get that it’s not a clogging problem then unscrew the pump and make sure the tubes are all attached properly. Also, check your pump, it is primed or not, if it is not, prime the pump by pressing several times to get the soap into the tubes. check for air bubbles in the line, then you can get the air bubbles out by pressing and releasing the pump and discarding excess soap.

After applying all these mechanisms, if your dispenser still not working properly, there may be a crack in the tube and the pump will need to be replaced.

How to fix a depressed trigger of the Soap Dispenser?

When you go to use your soap dispenser and trigger remains depressed and does not dispense the soap, then your soap dispenser may be jammed. First, unscrew the pump and try to get to the spring. If you cannot get to the spring you will most likely need to replace the pump. Many manufacturers offer replacement pumps.

Are Soap dispensers worth it?

If you are thinking “Are soap dispensers worth it?”. then we want to tell you that “yes, of course, soap dispensers are worth it. because they maintain the hygiene and health of the users and keep them away from any infection and diseases which spread by cross-contamination. And, now this current pandemic situation, soap dispensers are always worth it.

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