Bobrick Hat & Coat Hook Polished

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  • Bobrick Hat & Coat Hook
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polished Chrome Finish
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Bobrick Hat & Coat Hook

Polished chrome stainless steel


Product Code Colour Height (mm) Width (mm)  Projection (mm)
 B-682 Polished Chrome  165 25  80 



Flange and Support Arm — 18-8, type-304, 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel. Concealed, 16-gauge (1.6mm) stainless steel mounting bracket. All-welded construction. Secured to wall plate with a stainless steel setscrew.

Concealed Wall Plate — 18-8, type-304, 16-gauge (1.6mm) stainless steel.

Hook — 18-8, type-304, 12-gauge (2.8mm) stainless steel. Welded to the support arm.



To remove concealed wall plate from back of flange and mounting bracket, loosen setscrew. Mount wall plate so prongs are at top; secure with two sheet-metal screws, furnished by manufacturer, at points indicated by an S. Engage mounting bracket onto prongs of wall plate, then secure into position by tightening setscrew at bottom of flange. For partitions with particle-board or other solid core, secure with sheet-metal screws furnished, or provide through-bolts, nuts, and washers. For hollow-core metal partitions, provide solid backing into which the furnished sheet-metal screws can be secured. For plaster or dry wall construction, provide concealed backing to comply with local building codes, then secure unit with sheet-metal screws furnished. For other wall surfaces, provide fiber plugs or expansion shields for use with sheet-metal screws furnished, or provide 1/8" (3mm) toggle bolts or expansion bolts.



Surface-mounted hat and coat hook shall be type-304 stainless steel with __________ (insert one: bright polished or satin) finish. Flange and support arm shall be 22 gauge (0.8mm) and equipped with a concealed, 16-gauge (1.6mm) mounting bracket that is secured to a concealed, 16-gauge (1.6mm) wall plate with a stainless steel setscrew. Hook shall be 12 gauge (2.8mm), welded to the support arm.

b-682 (127.34 kB)