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Veltia Hand Dryers

Veltia Hand Dryers has been manufactured for revolutionizing the electric hand dryer’s market. The Veltia company offers a new and matchless hand dryer with all the required qualities such as hygiene, fast hand-drying performance, and eco-friendly operation. The Veltia hand dryers ranges are known for their innovative technology that is never introduced by other traditional and modern hand dryers.

The Veltia Hand dryers ranges come to use micro air flows that remove the water from the hands at high velocity and in a short amount of time only 10-15 seconds to leave the hands completely dry.

These hand dryers also claim to maintain the health and hygiene of the users, they are approved by Microban International, Ltd, which is considered as the world leader in built-in antimicrobial solutions. The Veltia hand dryers ranges prevent the spread of microbes and pathogens on their surface and offer full proof protection of the users. They have sleek and clean lines design that focuses on simplicity and functionality.