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  1. Tempest Hand Dryer White
    Tempest Hand Dryer White
    • Heater Element 450-900W, adjustable/On/Off
    • Infrared automatic operation
    • 60 second auto shut off
    • 10-12 Second Dry Time
    • Blue LED
    £314.80 £262.33
  2. Tempest Hand Dryer Brushed Satin
    Tempest Hand Dryer Brushed Satin
    • Heater Element 450-900W, adjustable/On/Off
    • Infrared automatic operation
    • 60 second auto shut off
    • 10-12 Second Dry Time
    • Blue LED
    £359.46 £299.55
  3. Vent Axia PureAir Room 260x App Control
    Vent Axia PureAir Room 260x App Control
    • Air quality display
    • Suitable for any habitable room
    • Filter replacement reminder
    • App Control 
    Original Price £268.32 Special Price £169.56 £141.30
  4. Vent Axia Lo-Carbon E-Tempest Hand Dryer
    Vent Axia Lo-Carbon E-Tempest Hand Dryer
    • 10 second drying time
    • Unique blue dry zone indicator
    • 60 seconds auto shut off
    • IPX1 Rated
    £257.40 £214.50
  5. Tempest Hand Dryer Polished Chrome
    Tempest Hand Dryer Polished Chrome
    • Heater Element 450-900W, adjustable/On/Off
    • Infrared automatic operation
    • 60 second auto shut off
    • 10-12 Second Dry Time
    • Blue LED
    £359.46 £299.55
  6. Vent Axia Jet Dry Plus Hand Dryer Silver
    Vent Axia Jet Dry Plus Hand Dryer Silver
    • 99.9% HEPA Filter
    • UV sterilisation
    • LED indicator
    • 10 second dry time
    • Optional heater (Switch on / off)
    £582.36 £485.30
  7. Vent Axia UltraDry SX Automatic Hand Dryer Brushed Satin
    Vent Axia UltraDry SX Automatic Hand Dryer Brushed Satin
    • Automatic 'No Touch' Operation
    • Stylish Design
    • Vandal Resistant
    • *Stock Due 2nd June*
    £296.52 £247.10
  8. Vent Axia PrepDry Automatic Hand Dryer
    Vent Axia PrepDry Automatic Hand Dryer
    • Automatic Hand Dryer
    • Satin Stainless Steel
    • Slim Design
    • Sound Level : 65 dB(A)
    £250.96 £209.13
  9. Vent Axia PureAir Room 260
    Out of stock
    Vent Axia PureAir Room 260
    • Advanced 6 stage filtration system
    • Suitable for any habitable room
    • Timer setting
    • Sleep mode


    Original Price £226.20 Special Price £118.80 £99.00
  10. Easy Dry Hand Dryer White ABS 1kW
    Out of stock
    Easy Dry Hand Dryer White ABS 1kW
    • Sound levels: 54 dB(A) 
    • 30 seconds drying time
    • GS Approved
    • IP22 Rated
    £101.71 £84.76
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1741 Items

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Vent Axia Hand Dryers

Vent Axia’s line of washroom accessories and hand dryers is an excellent addition to your place. Whether you’re an individual homeowner, someone who works at an office, or someone who owns a business establishment, Vent Axia can provide you with the necessary items to spruce up your washroom. 

Small devices such as hand dryers, fly killers, and ventilation solutions can have a huge impact on how your space feels, looks, and functions. As compact as they are, their features, functions, and the convenience they bring aren’t small. With the right washroom device, you can improve the experience of your visitors and customers, and make the people you work with happy, too!

This is why QBIC has included Vent Axia products in our offerings. They are some of the most high-quality washroom products in the market for a few reasons which we’ll talk more about.

Firstly, Vent Axia focuses on making your space more comfortable and practical. Every tech that goes into the design and manufacturing of their washroom devices comes from the desire to help people improve their place.

One of the product lines Vent Axia has is its hand dryers. They offer models that are either focused more on value for money or ones that have premium features and are on the other edge of the price bracket.

This is also true for their other products categories such as fly killers and ventilation solutions. However, no matter the price point and model, you’re sure to have a solid and reliable washroom device that will last you long.

Vent Axia only uses high-quality materials in building their products to help improve the longevity and durability of their items. They recognize that their washroom devices will most likely be installed in high foot traffic areas and will need to withstand the level of use these places have. Examples of these would be restaurants, schools, medical facilities, and offices.

Brand Overview And History

Vent Axia is a company established in 1936 and has been continuously manufacturing and selling high-quality home and washroom appliances for both domestic and commercial markets. Their company’s history can be traced back to its British roots and is proud to have a heritage built on innovation and having the mindset of forward-thinking.

This is evidenced by the fact that Vent Axia is the first company to develop and sell the world’s first electrically-operated window fan. They brought this spirit of innovation to the modern world and produced the world’s first App-controlled bathroom fan. As you might have noticed, all their industry-leading products are geared towards convenience and improving your life.

The company has always lived up to its slogan, “Improving indoor air quality since 1936”. With more than 80 years of experience, it can’t be denied that Vent Axia has been the master in the field of ventilation and air quality improvement solutions.

Vent Axia prides itself as the largest and most comprehensive choice among several single ventilation manufacturers across the globe. The company serves both residential and non-residential customers with ventilation demands that range from unitary fans to whole-house systems. To complete their offering, Vent Axia also develops and provides products that complement their ventilation solutions such as hand dryers and electric heating and cooling.

The company aims to be the one-stop solution for all your air single ventilation needs. That’s why their products are designed to be applied to several sectors. Examples of these are the commercial, public sector, and industrial applications.

Vent Axia tries its best to understand the needs of its end-users. This is where the company’s technical experts come in - they study the typical living and working spaces of their target market and design their products around the facts they find.

To further help their clients, they built up teams that can give technical support to their customers on-site. These people are trained to be highly knowledgeable about Vent Axia’s products and the challenges that their customers have. Going the extra mile for their customers is a trademark of Vent Axia.

This is why the company is one of the leading names in helping businesses, organisations, and homeowners improve the air quality of their places. They don’t just want to focus on air movement and ventilation, but also on the overall experience of people who come into the buildings of their clients.

Innovative Washroom Devices

Being at the forefront of the air ventilation solutions industry means that Vent Axia needed to be innovative and provide efficient and high-quality products for their market. 

This mindset of always creating new things was passed on by Vent Axia from their ventilation solutions down to their washroom accessories. Everything that goes into their products should always be fit for purpose.

As a result, Vent Axia’s line of hand dryers has a short drying time owing to their powerful motors. However, these devices do not consume a lot of energy. Meaning, they won’t cost a lot to operate. There are some models where you can even set the wattage you want to use them in to help cut down on unnecessary costs.

An example of this is the Tempest Hand Dryer. You can set this unit’s wattage between 450W and 900W. It also has a 60-second shut-off time to help save energy. With its 10-12 seconds drying time, the window before it shuts off is plenty enough to keep hands dry.

On top of these features, the Tempest also has an infrared automatic operation, an IP23 rating, and an adjustable motor speed. These features and more can also be found in other Vet Axia devices.

High-quality Washroom Devices

All the features in the world would probably be useless if the devices you purchase won’t last you long. Not only will poor quality appliances cost you more in the long run, but they can also eat up most of your time and will negatively affect your customers’ experience in your place.

This is why Vent Axia only uses sturdy and robust materials in the components they use for their appliances and other washroom items. For ones that have a plastic exterior, they used ABS plastic to improve its rigidity and be more resistant to light scratches.

Their IK80 Insect Killer uses high-quality aluminium for its body to help lengthen its life.

However, quality doesn’t just refer to the materials used, but also the functions and safety features devices have. For their hand dryers, Vent Axia included HEPA filters and UV sterilisation to improve sanitation.

Their fly killers also have easy-to-clean collection trays so you can quickly rid of dirt and other foreign objects.