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  1. Warner Howard EL600 600W Hand Dryer
    Warner Howard EL600 600W Hand Dryer
    • Ultra Low Energy
    • Slimline Design
    • Very Lightweight
    • Durable ABS Plastic
    • Ideal for Partition Walls
    Original Price £312.01 Special Price £205.93 £171.61
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Warner Howard Commercial Hand Dryers

Warner Howard hand dryers are made to complete washrooms and improve the experience of both your visitors and employees. Each unit of their hand dryers is meticulously designed to be efficient, low-cost, and highly effective in making your customers’ hands dry. 

It just might be a small washroom device, but hand dryers can certainly change how your visitors look at your business. After all, it’s the owner of the establishment’s task to create an environment that is not only hygienic but also convenient. Especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of visitors on a regular basis - you really need to cater to their needs in the washroom.

Most of these people will most likely go to the washroom to either fix their clothes, check their makeup, or wash their hands. That’s why it’s vital to have reliable washroom accessories and devices such as hand dryers at the ready. They need to be sturdy and robust enough to withstand a high level of usage and a continuous operation.

Warner Howard is one of the brands QBIC stores carry since we know they are made of high-quality materials and its construction is also superb. Whatever the situation may be, you can always rely on their hand dryers.

They also come in light and compact form which makes them perfect for washrooms with limited spaces. Its design also allows you to install them on partition walls - something that not a lot of hand dryers on the market.

The EL600 also has an ultra-low energy rating of 600W. However, this doesn’t mean its performance has been negatively affected. As compact as they are, they’re still effective and can dry hands within 16.5 seconds. This hand dryer model is targeted at people who are always looking for the most value for their money.

The hand dryer unit also has added anti-bacterial features to help keep them sanitary.

Brand Overview And History

Warner Howard is a company that is one of the major players in the hand dryer manufacturing industry. Bringing in more than 30 years of experience, the company has learned about the ins and outs of the market and uses this knowledge to produce high-quality hand dryers. Their devices are mostly installed in both public and domestic washrooms.

As the years went on, Warner Howard has also expanded their product line to include other washroom products that are complementary to each other. Examples of these are hairdryers and water waste management systems. These are typically sold to architects, building planners, and their partner wholesalers.

Its main mission is simple - to produce the best quality washroom products. This was achieved by Warner Howard through their vast experience of the industry garnered from interacting with their end-users. Through feedback and proper market research, Warner Howard has been able to consistently design, manufacture, and distribute superior washroom products across the globe.

They even warn their customers about encountering imitations of their products. This only shows that the brand has been well-established in the market. This is why they advise to only purchase their products through authorized resellers such as QBIC Washrooms.

Because of its business model, Warner Howard only directly sells their products to its distributors and other wholesalers. Through this, the company is able to focus more on developing its products.

Part of the company’s focus is also to build strong and profitable relationships with its distribution line since this is the only channel that which they’re able to distribute its product to the end-users. To help with the aftersales service, Warner Howard also stores stock of the spares of all their products should there be any need of changing any component as part of maintenance.

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you’ve purchased through an authorized Warner Howard distributor/wholesaler, you’ll be able to receive excellent product support.

Lightweight and Compact Hand Dryers

As mentioned, one of the features of Warner Howard devices is their weight. This is one of the reasons why they are some of the most versatile hand dryers. They’re one of the lightest hand dryers on the market. Only clocking in at 2.3 kg.s on the weighing scale, they wouldn’t bear much weight on your walls should you plan to install them on places that are low weight-bearing.

Examples of these would be partitions walls and other weaker interior walls. This also makes them safer to have inside your washrooms without the hassle of trying to find a space where you can install them.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have solid construction. To help make them sturdier while keeping the weight as low as possible, Warner Howard used robust ABS plastic for its external components. The motor inside is also powerful and fast enough to produce 34,200 rpm - more than enough for use in public places and other washrooms.

The good thing is, even if Warner Howard has a powerful motor inside their devices, they still aren’t expensive to operate. The standby power rating of their EL600 hand dryer is only at 0.7W.

Their size is also one factor why they’re admired by most end-users especially those who run smaller-sized hotels. The dimensions of the EL600 hand dryer are 268mm x 221mm x 149mm.

Hygienic Hand Dryers

It also has an anti-bacterial coating so you won’t worry about germ build-up on the device. Since they’ll be mostly installed inside washrooms, they’re bound to have a build-up of foreign material that might possibly be harmful. Warner Howard thought of this ahead of time and created a way to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria and germs through the hand dryer. 

As a solution, all the touchable parts of the hand dryer have been coated with an anti-microbial additive which helps minimise the growth of harmful microbes.

On top of all the features mentioned, Warner Howard also designed their hand dryers to be modern and stylish. Most of their devices come in finishes that are easy on the eyes and can be installed inside any washrooms with any type of interior design. The colors white, black, and nickel, are what the EL600 and most of their product line have.