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Double Roll Paper Towel Dispensers

A paper towel dispenser is still the one of the most popular choices for corporate washrooms. There are few more washroom accessories that are a more convenient.

Advantages of a Paper Towel Dispenser

In this age of the ubiquitous electric hand dryer, the paper towel dispenser maintains a competitive edge as an all-round performer. Hand dryers have their own strong advantages.

Paper towel dispensers are:

  • mobile - no need to stuck in front of the machine;
  • quiet - the silent solution to dry hands;
  • economical - no electronics, that may fail, no vents to clean, no sumps to drain;
  • small footprint - slim or recessed designs prevent a cluttered appearance;
  • instant reprieve from wetness - hand drying takes less than a minute.

Why Paper Towel Dispensers is Still Relevant?

Paper towel holders have come a long way from the first generation, which was a simply open container from which patrons picked towels. Today, they are available in a wide variety of designs, materials, and finishes, that conform to the highest aesthetic standards.

QBIC Washrooms offers 40 different models of paper towel holders, which you can order in the online store. Prices for all products are competitive and you can also order confident support from professional after-sales team.

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