Protect a lite 8 Fly Killer

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  • Discreet Pest Control
  • Standard Lamp
  • Wall Mounted or Free Standing
  • 8w Tight U Lamp
  • Commercial or Domestic Use
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The Protect-a-lite 8 is a discrete and attractive design

  • It is recommended for use in domestic and professional environments.
  • It can be placed as either a free standing or wall mounted unit.
  • The Protect-a-lite 8 uses a powerful ultraviolet lamp which attracts flying insects.  On the inside of the unit a glueboard is placed on which the insects are trapped.  This glueboard is placed out of sight providing a discrete control of flying pests.
  • Easy to install and service and safe to use.
  • This unit is deigned for indoor use only
  • Large domestic flies are not attracted to the UV light, only fruit flies and smaller varieties.
Product Code Coverage approx. sq.m Lamps Lamp Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
FGP8BW 18  1 x 8w LT08WX-W 475 455 150

Q. How long will my bulb last?

A. The efficiency of a lamp will deteriorate as it is used so it is important to buy good quality lamps.  Your lamp will generally need replacing after 12 months although some cheaper lamps will last as little as 2-3 months.

Q. Why do you need a shatter resistant lamp?

A. Shatter resistant lamps should always be used if your fly killer is situated in food preparation areas.  The plastic coating will contain any pieces of glass in the event of a lamp being broken.

Q. Am I safe to leave my fly killer on overnight?

A. Yes, During the months of the year where insects are a problem we advise to leave the unit on 24/7,  it will perform best when it is the only source of light so during the night it will perform more efficiently.

Q. Is there anywhere I should avoid placing my fly killer?

A. Never mount your fly killer in a window or doorway and avoid places where there is moving or hot air.

Q. How do I work out which fly killer would be best for me.

A. There is no 'one size fits all' what is good for 1 situation may not be good for another.  Some things to consider would be

 - Area of coverage required
 - Type of environment
 - Does it need to be visibly attractive
 - How do you need it mounting
 - Electric Grid or Glue board

Once you have all this information then it will be easier to decide which fly killer you require.