QBIC Eco Hand Dryer White Aluminium

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  • Low Energy Consumption
  • High Speed Dry
  • Built in Ioniser
  • Aesthetically pleasing
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Qbic Eco | White | 72 dbA | High Speed | Energy Efficient | 10-12 Second Dry Time


The Qbic Eco is an outstanding hand dryer delivering great value in the budget to middle price range. Qbic Eco comes crammed with fantastic features, as well as being a visually attractive model, it is high speed, energy efficient, offers a fast dry time, does not produce a particularly high noise level, and has a built in ioniser to freshen and purify the washroom air. This hand dryer is suitable for low traffic washrooms and is a particularly popular choice for use within hotels, bars and restaurants owing to its uber-stylish look. 

High Speed :

Manufacturer states a dry time of 10 - 12 seconds

The Qbic Eco will offer a performance at a level akin to the Airforce due to similarities with their air outlet configurations and airspeed (80 m/s); though this does needs independently verifying. 

Quet Hand Dryers :

Manufacturer stated 72.5 dbA @ 1 Metre

With regards noise levels, it is key to take into consideration how they change when the hand dryer is installed in a washroom environment and when hands are placed under it. The manufacturer's specification states that the Qbic Eco measures 72.5 dB(A) at one metre within a pressure chamber. It is likely this this will be amplified by about 10 dB(A) in situ. We have found, however, that the Qbic Eco emits a very tolerable noise level.

Usage :

the Qbic Eco hand dryer is a good value hand dryer for low traffic washrooms that require a good-looking hand dryer but don't have the budget for a model of advanced quality of build or performance.

Energy Efficiency :

The energy efficiency of the Qbic Eco hand dryer is dependant on whether it is using unheated or heated mode. Its rated power with heat is 1.25kw, the without is 0.5kw, as per the manufacturer specifications. Based on the assumptions made with regards the dry times, and also the change in performance that typically occurs when a heater element is turned off, we calculate that the Qbic Eco would consume between 3.5 and 7 watts per dry.

Hygiene :

The Qbic Eco gives an effective dry even without heat, and features a built in ioniser, both huge plus points from a hygiene point of view.

All effective hand dryers are suitable for normal hand washing situations, however, in clinical environments such as hospitals or food production facilities, it may be necessary to select one of our premium hygienic hand dryers.

Product Longevity :

The Qbic Eco has a universal brush motor. The manufacturer states that these will last approx 550 continuous hours or 94,286 drying cycles before being replaced.

Installation :

The Qbic Eco is a compact hand dryer and is relatively easy to install,  All hand dryers require a suitable fused spur for installation

Vandal Resistance :

This is a compact hand dryer is a sturdy aluminium unit with no accessible area's to cause a blockages.  Its shape doesn't allow for vandals to grip the unit and pull it away from the wall.

User Friendliness :

Qbic Eco is a good all-rounder, not extraordinary in any specific area, but it gives a sound performance with regards its speed of dry, energy efficiency, noise and level of hygiene.The Qbic Eco rates extremely well against conventional warm air hand dryers, and offers value in the high speed category.

Summary Quiet Eco Hand Dryer

  - Low energy consumption - 0.5kw without heat, 1.25kw with heat

 - High speed dry - manufacturer specifies 10-12 seconds (this is rather optimistic, however the performance is about standard for a high velocity model)

 - Automatic operation and switch off after 50 seconds

 - Built in ioniser - to freshen the washroom air

 - One of the most aesthetically pleasing hand dryers on the market with its compact and chic form

 - CE approved

 - 2 years’ guarantee




Energy Consumption Dry Time (secs) 10 - 12
Power Rating (kW) 1.25
Watts Per Dry (W) 7
Cost Per Dry  0.042p
Auto Sensor Detection   Yes
Performance Dry Time (secs) 10 - 12
Motor (RPM) 250000
Air Speed (MPH) 179
Noise Decibel Rating (dB) 73
Hygiene  No touch sensor operation Yes
Long Life Guarantee (years) 2
Electrical & Safety IP Rating IPX1
  Child Suitability rating 3
Construction  Weight 4.50
Material White Aluminium 
Certification     CE Fully harmonised
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth (mm) 320 x 288 x 171
Product Code   EF03W



Installation Heights are from the floor to bottom of dryer
Men 1170mm
Women 1120mm
Children aged 4 - 7 810mm
Children aged 7 - 10 910mm
Children aged 10 - 13 1020mm
Children aged 13 - 17 1120mm
Disabled Users 940mm
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