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  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • Quiet Operation
  • High Speed Drying
  • HEPA Filter
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Blade Hand Dryers

The QBIC Jet Blade 'blade' style eco hand dryer is a low-priced alternative to dryers such as the Dyson Airblade, the Jet Towel and the Dualflow. If you are budget conscious, the Qbic Jet Blade is a significantly cheaper, but good quality, alternative to these leading brands.

The Qbic Jet Blade hand dryer is an aesthetically pleasing 'blade' style hand dryer. Its ultra-modern chic design can really set a washroom apart from the rest, perfect for high-status hotels, offices and bars. However, as the construction of the Qbic Jet Blade is not as robust as the Airblade, it is not recommended for areas with high risk of misuse. It features an effective drainage system, as the angled trough and large drainage hole restrict blockages, and the large water tank works well in high traffic areas.

Speed and Decibels : The powerful dual 32,000 rpm motor generates a respectable air force; its air speed is 83 m/s which is classed as high speed, however, is considerably lower than that of the Airblade. The actual drying time is at least 5 seconds longer than the Airblade, though produces less noise at a much more agreeable 75dB.

Energy Efficiency : The Qbic Jet Blade is certainly a more eco-friendly hand dryer than most commercial hand dryers, yet it’s not as energy efficient as the Airblade, and significantly less so than the DualFlow and Jet Towel. It is rated at 1.7kw with a consumption of 7.8 watts per dry. The Qbic Jet Blade is ROHS approved, which means all of its components are recyclable at the end of its life.

Hygiene : The Qbic Jet Blade has an optional HEPA filter which prevents 99.99% of airborne bacteria from entering the device. The filters are both easy to access and to clean.

User Friendliness : The Qbic Jet Blade 'blade' style hand dryer provides comfort and ease of use due to the angle of its 'hands in area.' The entry point is angled towards the user, which makes it ideal for wheelchair users and children.

Warranty : This hand dryer has a 2 year warranty. 

  • Good drying speed of 12 to 15 seconds
  • Sleek and sophisticated design - more visually appealing than most other 'blade' style hand dryers
  • Low cost - 54p per 1,000 dries
  • EU manufactured
  • Quiet operation - quiet compared with the Airblade, at only 75dB


Energy Consumption Dry Time (secs) 15
Power Rating (kW) 1.7
Watts Per Dry (W) 7.08
Cost Per Dry  0.057p
Auto Sensor Detection   Yes
Performance Dry Time (secs) 15
Motor (RPM) 32000
Air Speed (MPH) 185
Noise Decibel Rating (dB) 75
Hygiene   No touch sensor operation Yes
HEPA Filter eliminates 99.99% of airborne bacteria Yes
Long Life Guarantee (years) 2
Electrical & Safety IP Rating IP31
  Child Suitability rating 2
Construction  Weight 9.5
Material White ABS Impact resistant plastic
Certification     CE
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth (mm) 650 x 300 x 230
Product Code   JJ01W

Q. Is the warranty an on-site Warranty?

A. No, if your hand dryer becomes faulty during the warranty period it will need to be returned to the manufacturer for either a repair or replacement. The warranty on any product is offered by the manufacturer and not by ourselves however we will assist with any problems that may occur during this period.

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