Qbic V-Force Hand Dryer White

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  • Dry time: 15 Seconds
  • Blue LED light
  • Low energy use
  • Air filter included as standard
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Qbic V-Force


The Qbic V-Force hand dryer is a compact, high speed unit, that will suit any washroom. This dryer will give years of service when in locations that receive no more than 100 uses a day. It is one of the most economical dryers on the market, with it only using 500W.  With its solid cover fixed by 2 vandal proof screws make it an ideal unit for areas that may be prone to abuse. The unit also has a blue LED light that shines on the hands when activated. 

If the washroom does not receive constant use or the temperature starts to drop in winter, this hand dryer does have the option to flick an internal switch to activate instant heat.

Ideal for low use, compact washrooms the Qbic V-Force gives you a compact, fast drying, energy efficient and robust hand dryer, that will leave users completely satisfied. 


  • Dry time: 15 Seconds
  • Cost per 1000 dries: 25p - 68p
  • 95.5 - 98.3% saving against paper towels
  • Rated Power: 0.5 kW - 1.35 kW | 2.08 - 5.63 Wh per dry (Internal on / off heater switch)
  • Blue LED light shines on the hands when activated
  • Low energy use
  • Air filter included as standard
SKU Height Width Depth Weight
TFJM01 255mm 173mm 150mm 3.0kg


Electrical Supply Voltage 220 - 240V
Electrical Supply Frequency  50 / 60Hz
Rated Power 0.5 - 1.35kW
Energy Per Dry 2.08 - 5.63Wh
Heater Element Power 0.85kW
Ingress Protection IPX1
Isolation Class I
Dry Time 15 - 20 Seconds
Recommended Daily Uses 100 (Low Traffic) 
Low Noise No 
Motor Type Brushed Motor
Expected Motor Life 600 Hours
Motor Speed 25,000 RPM
Air Speed 223 MPH
Adjustable Settings  Yes 
Finish White



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