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Commercial Washroom Products for Industrial Sector

Washroom products in the industrial sector have to endure a harsher environment, as well as prolonged use by a larger number of people than most other locations. Correspondingly, they have to be highly durable while incorporating energy- and water-saving technology that will allow your organisation to adhere to its budgetary and environmental requirements and responsibilities.

The QBIC Washrooms range of products includes models that are resistant both to abuse by vandals and to the harsh chemicals that have to be used in industrial cleaning. We offer high quality hand dryers, soap and toilet paper dispensers, combination units, air fresheners and other equipment for public washrooms.

The QBIC Washrooms Industry Sector Products Range

There are several major suppliers that QBIC Washrooms uses for its washrooms for the industrial sector:

  • MediQo;
  • Freedom;
  • Aquarius;
  • QBIC.

All of them are are well-regarded international companies whose products are known for their quality, durability and versatility. The fourth, QBIC, is our own range of products that was developed through input from clients over our decade in the industry, and has made its distinctive mark as well.

Together, they represent one of the widest and highest quality of products available for the industrial sector anywhere in the world.

Why Does Industrial Sector Choose QBIC?

QBIC Washrooms is a name that has come to be trusted by many businesses and organisations across a myriad of industries and sectors. We have achieved this stellar reputation based on:

  • Our experience that spans over ten years;
  • Our wide stock range of the latest products and technology;
  • The generous trade discounts we offer for bulk orders;
  • Our next working day delivery service;
  • Our impeccable after-sales service support from our friendly, professional staff.

The products and machinery of the industrial sector are known for their versatility, durability and ease of use. When you choose QBIC Washrooms, you select a partner whose products are able to fit seamlessly into that environment while still featuring modern and innovative design and flair.