Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser is a type of soap dispenser, which can be easily installed on the wall. It does not need any special area or spaces to place and its wall mounting option makes your small bathroom space. It goes well with both small or big washrooms. It is an economic way to offer liquid soap to the users after using toilets or washrooms.

Wall-mounted soap dispensers make much less mess around the hand basins and making your washroom easier to clean. They are available in both the automatic and manual option, according to your needs, you can go for anyone. If you are going to use it as a public washroom soap dispenser, you should choose automatic wall mounted soap dispensers but if you want one for the individual or home washrooms, you can choose manual soap dispensers.

Using a soap dispenser in your washrooms reduces the risk of spreading germs and viruses and also the cross-contamination.

So, whether you need, We offer high-end and top quality wall mounted soap dispenser from the leading UK brand, you can place your order, varieties of options of wall-mounted soap dispensers are given below. After placing the order, get it in the next working day.

Soap is an essential element of each washroom. While traditional brick soap is an unhygienic choice for the public washroom, liquid soap is a perfect option. We offer a wide variety of wall mounted soap dispensers to fit any budget and any washroom design.

How to Choose Wall mounted Soap Dispenser

The choice of dispenser totally depends on washroom type. The volume and dispenser material should match washroom purpose. For shopping centers, stadiums, airports and other high flow places aluminium or stainless steel durable dispensers are the best options. It is also important to choose a big capacity model so it doesn't run out of soap too often.

Wall-mounted dispensers are definitely more popular than counter-mounted because of some their advantages:

  • Easy to mount and demount;
  • Comfortable to refill the soap;
  • More comfortable for the visitors.

Most of the dispensers look like a box mounted on a wall while there are models hidden inside the wall. For such models, there should be an option for easy removal without breaking a wall.

All dispensers are either automatic soap dispensers with sensors for touchless activation and traditional soap dispensers which require the user to push a button. Most of the automatic models work from batteries. There are also double models for disinfectant and lotion which perfectly match medical institutions needs.

QBIC Washrooms Special Offers

QBIC Washrooms has over 10 years in public washrooms industry, and we know exactly what to offer in each case. Contact our consultants for any information about washroom accessories and get a comprehensive and professional consultation.

Our company's main goal is to make your shopping experience as smooth and simple as possible. We offer:

  • Next day delivery for most of the orders;
  • Trade accounts;
  • Discounts for bulk orders;
  • Full manufacturer's warranty;
  • Installation service.

QBIC Washrooms. One stop shop for all washroom equipment!

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    Multi Purpose Automatic Soap / Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
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    Aquarius Hand Sanitising Station Automatic
    Regular Price £198.00 Special Price £129.99 £155.99
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    1000ml Bulk Fill Push Button Liquid Soap Dispenser
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    Aquarius Hand Sanitising Station Manual
    Regular Price £149.94 Special Price £109.99 £131.99
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    Syson & Ball Automatic 900ml Sanitiser Dispenser Grey
    Regular Price £55.44 Special Price £39.60 £47.52
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    Flo Soft Bulk Fill Soap Sanitiser Dispenser 1000ml
    Regular Price £27.60 Special Price £15.50 £18.60
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    Aquarius Automatic Hand Sanitiser Soap Dispenser White
    Regular Price £58.80 Special Price £45.00 £54.00
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    900ml Non-Drip Foam Soap Dispenser White
    Regular Price £25.80 Special Price £18.50 £22.20
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    900ml Non-Drip Liquid Soap Dispenser White
    Regular Price £23.40 Special Price £14.50 £17.40
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    1000ml White ABS Liquid Soap Dispenser
    Regular Price £19.98 Special Price £12.95 £15.54

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