Surface Mounted Combination Units

Innovation has brought about a smart and economical choice for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions for implementing the highest level of hygiene. Surface mounted combination units spell sophistication and practicality in a single-piece multi-functional unit.

Benefits of Surface Mounted Combination Units

Integrated parts within a surface mounted sanitation system come with these advantages.

Maximize Space. Combination units are a great way to conserve space in areas with limited spatial availability, such as tight bathrooms and kitchens. The mounting style renders an unobtrusive unit in any room setting, rather contributes to a more spacious environment.

High-Quality Material. Architectural design exhibits durability in a seamless heavy-duty construction inside and out the equipment. The vandal resistant characteristic is enhanced with the added security of knob latch and key locks.

Easy to Use. Surface mounted types are ideal for commercial use for presenting efficiency in an easy-install, easy-clean, low maintenance, user-friendly unit. You can easily open surface mounted combination unit compartments to refill or fit the following:

  • C-fold, Z-fold, multifold towels in the paper towel dispenser;
  • single or half-fold paper covers in the toilet seat cover dispenser;
  • up to two standard toilet tissue rolls in the toilet roll holder;
  • liquid soap to reach the indicated level of bulk-fill soap capacity.

Choosing the Best Surface Mounted Combination Unit

Get a lot more for the price you pay by investing on the surface mounted double or triple combination units. Our diverse product range is comprised of different paper towel/waste bin/soap/toilet seat cover/toilet roll combinations in various models. You can conveniently acquire the most suitable fusion for your establishment through our online system.

QBIC commercial products are primarily geared towards optimal efficiency and safety with only your best interest in mind. We offer a huge selection of surface mounted combination units from industry leading manufacturers. Contemporary models arrive in timeless designs that grace elegance and usefulness in prestigious washrooms.