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  1. Sanitary Bin Liners
    Sanitary Bin Liners
    • Sanitary Bin Liners
    • Box of 500
    £41.76 £34.80
  2. 200x Disposable Toilet Seat Covers
    Out of stock
    200x Disposable Toilet Seat Covers
    • Disposable Toilet Seat Covers.
    • Box of 200.
    • Self Flushing.
    Original Price £10.52 Special Price £6.00 £5.00
  3. Plastic Hygiene Sanitary Bags
    Plastic Hygiene Sanitary Bags
    • Plastic Hygiene Sanitary Bags
    • 1 cartridge with 30 hygiene bags
    • 25 cartridges
    £61.49 £51.24
  4. Ladies Sanitary Bags
    Ladies Sanitary Bags
    • Ladies Sanitary Bags
    • Pack of 1200
    • 25 Per Individual Box 
    £64.27 £53.56
  5. Paper Hygiene Sanitary Bags
    Paper Hygiene Sanitary Bags
    • Paper Hygiene Bags
    • Box 1000 Bags
    £44.29 £36.91
  6. Synergise Brushed Stainless Sanitary Bag Dispenser
    Synergise Brushed Stainless Sanitary Bag Dispenser
    • Dispenses Sanitary Bags
    • Brushed Stainless Steel
    • 304L Grade Stainless Steel / 240g
    • Key Lockable
    • Wall Mounted 
    Original Price £19.19 Special Price £17.27 £14.39
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Sanitary Products

Operating a well-stocked washroom goes much further than simply stocking up on the absolute basics. To really create the right first impression. The best course of action is to have a supply of sanitary products available to your customers to meet every requirement. In this fast-paced world, things can happen in an instant. What can really set one business apart from another is its preparedness for any given event. To this effect, going the extra mile and stocking products that your customers may need desperately can create the perfect first impression and generate future custom for your business. By stocking products such as sanitary bags, antibacterial wipes, disposable toilet seat covers, and ladies sanitary bags, our aim is to give you all you need to stay one step ahead of your customers’ requirements.

Sanitary Products for All Needs and Requirements at QBIC Washrooms

At QBIC Washrooms, we believe that staying one step ahead of your customers’ requirements is vital to creating a reputation and maintaining it. Though stocking a range of sanitary products may same like a small act in the grander scheme of things, for those who find themselves needing them it can mean a whole lot. However, stocking such a range of useful items doesn’t necessarily have to take much of your time. At QBIC Washrooms, we have endeavoured to find the best sanitary products out there and compile them into one easily navigable page. This way, you won’t have to spend any time at all to source the right products to predict any event.

Great Deals on Sanitary Products at QBIC Washrooms

We here at QBIC Washrooms don’t believe that anyone should have to spend more than they have to for sanitary products. To that effect, if you happen to find one of our products elsewhere for less, we will match the price for you!