BL368 T8 Osram 18" Straight Lamp 15w

  • Standard UV Lamp for use with fly killers
  • 15 Watts
  • Available in packs of 2 only
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Fly killers have become an essential piece of equipment for various commercial establishments such as a cafe kitchen, restaurant, hospital, office, store, school, and most food preparation areas. UV light is typically utilized for optimal luring results to draw pests in, to ultimately zap and eliminate the flies and other insects in the surroundings.

Advantages of Fly Killer UV Lamps

Ensure maximum efficiency of an insect killer with routine placement of high-quality UV lamps and gain these benefits:

  • Safe and Effective. The effectiveness of a UV insect killer lamp has been scientifically proven to attract the most flies and other pests, without ever using harmful sprays or chemicals.
  • Utmost Protection. Get the easy-to-install 15-Watt BL368 T8 Osram UV lamp to eliminate downtime. Once the fly killer's lamps start to dim or run out, both of the lamps can be easily replaced to quickly resume its operation.
  • Long-lasting Investment. Quality make from a trusted brand delivers a robust lamp that's durable enough to withstand extended insect-killing periods whether for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Savings Down the Line. The 15w lamp yields a reasonable power output that's helpful in maintaining low-energy running costs. Keep unnecessary expenses at bay while abiding by health and safety guidelines.

Maximum Pest Control

QBIC supplies quality Osram fly killer lamps and pest control products from other renowned brands in different wattages, lengths and sizes. BL368 is the standard type commonly used and fitted into electric insect trap devices. The T8 model is compatible with insect killer units that can fit a lamp with 13mm pin spacing, 1 inch or 25 mm diameter, and 18 inches or 458mm length.

Buy Osram UV lamp with a 15 w output conveniently online and take advantage of our most competitive price listings. It is highly recommended that the lamps are regularly replaced and maintained to bring out the best performance of an insect killer. Better yet, keep spare ones within reach to ensure continuous protection within the building or establishment's premises.

Brand Osram
Lamp Type Fluorescent
Style T8
Wattage 15w
Colour Name BL368
Length 18 Inches / 458mm
Diameter 1 inch / 25mm

Fly Killer

Pin Spacing 13 mm
Standard Lamp Code LS15WX-O
Shatter Resistant Code LS15WS-O

Q. If my lamp arrives damaged would there be any warranty cover.

A. Yes although there is no warranty on your lamps if you receive your item and it is not working or is damaged then please contact us and we will look at this for you.


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