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Urinal Screens

At QBIC Washrooms, we stock a range of urinal screens which are ideal for usage in all commercial washroom set up. Though often overlooked, the humble urinal screen has a definite and really useful purpose in the washroom, and like all great products – they make life that little bit easier. The urinal screen is the only product out there that can pretty much eliminate all urine splashback while also concealing any unwelcome smells with a pleasant aroma. The benefits of incorporating them in your washroom are twofold. The overall perceived quality of your washroom is increased in the eyes of those who use it. And, with the reduction of splashback, this area of the washroom can stay cleaner and fresher smelling for longer periods of time. In addition, these handy products are very budget friendly, meaning that you can make a big difference for very little money!

Why Opt for a Urinal Screen in Your Commercial Washroom?

In addition to the reasons we mentioned above, there are also some extra practical advantages to using urinal screens in your washrooms. Seeing as it is the case that some commercial washrooms can see a lot of use during the course of an average day, things can happen that can take a urinal out of commission. With the design of these units, they can prevent things like chewing gum, coins, and cigarette butts from clogging up the drain leading your staff to spend time fixing it. So, overall, there are many great reasons to opt for urinal screens in any washroom. At QBIC Washrooms, we have everything you need to do so!

Top Quality Urinal Screens for the Best Prices in the UK

At QBIC Washrooms, we are committed to supplying our customers with the best quality units for the lowest prices. If you happen to find any of these urinal screens elsewhere for less, we will match that price. Order now for rapid delivery options!