Bobrick Partition Mounted Seat Cover Dispenser and Toilet Roll Holder

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  • Serves 2 Toilet compartments
  • Seat Cover Dispenser
  • Toilet Roll Dispenser
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lockable
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Bobrick Stainless Steel Partition Mounted Dispenser

The Bobrick partition mounted seat cover dispenser and double toilet roll holder mounts in the partition of accessible toilet compartment. One side is flush against partition to allow clearance for horizontal grab bar across the front of the unit and installation of 18" vertical grab bar.

The toilet seat-cover dispenser is serviced from one side and holds 250 paper covers.

Door unlocks with key provided and swings open for filling.

Spindles maybe removed from cabinet when door is open; when door is closed, removal requires a special key provided for the concealed locking mechanism in spindles. Unit holds two standard-core toilet tissue rolls up to 135mm diameter, two for each compartment.

All-welded construction in stainless steel type 304

Exposed surfaces have a brushed satin finish.

Equipped with a plastic sight-barrier panel for the toilet seat-cover dispenser.


  • Partition-mounted B-3471 with one side flush to partition in accessible toilet compartment has toilet tissue dispenser on left side of unit.
  • Position unit on panel with centerline of toilet tissue dispenser 7" - 9" (180 - 230mm) in front of leading edge of toilet.
  • For B-3471 on right side of toilet (when seated on toilet) rear edge of panel cut-out should be 24-5/8" (625mm) from rear edge of panel to position toilet tissue dispensers centerline 7" to 9" (180 to 230mm) in front of leading edge of toilet. Cutout locations based on toilet projecting 27-1/2" (700mm) from rear wall.
  • For unit to mount on left side of toilet (when seated on toilet) see model B-34715.
  • When combination units are mounted in an accessible toilet compartment through the shared toilet partition panel, the units location in the adjoining toilet compartment must permit the units complete operation, and allow for the unit's door to swing clear of the toilet when the custodians service the unit.
Product Code Colour Capacity Height (mm) Width (mm)
 B-3471 Brushed Satin 2 Rolls/250 covers 780 435
Rough Wall Opening Dimensions 735 395
b-3471_td (427.71 kB)
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