Bobrick Reservoir Soap Dispenser System 100mm Spout

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  • Bobrick Reservoir Soap Dispenser System
  • 100mm Spout
  • Capacity : 3.1L plus capacity of connection
  • Rotates 360° without damaging the unit
  • Check and top fill from any dispenser
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Bobrick Reservoir Soap Dispenser System 100mm Spout

915mm long supply tube can be cut-to-size on site

Equipped with 255mm long, translucent plastic elbow and 840mm flexible connector hose

Each unit provides 3.3L soap capacity, plus the capacity of connection.

Eliminates frequent refilling of single soap dispensers,

Check and top-fill from any dispenser.

Product Code Colour Capacity Height (mm) Width (mm) Projection (mm)
 B-9222  Polished Chrome 3.3L   105 50   135



The B-922 Series Under-The-Counter Reservoir contains a large volume of soap. Impact by washroom maintenance equipment, or acts of vandalism may cause soap to leak onto the floor creating a safety hazard.

To reduce the possibility of this hazard, the following steps are recommended.

1) Install B-922 Series Mounting/Coupling Tees as high as possible under lavatory or countertop.

2) Reduce the length of each Clear Elbow (Installation Step No. 6) to minimize B-922 Series projection from the wall.

3) Keep washroom maintenance away from Under-The-Counter Soap Reservoir.

4) Do not install the B-922 Series in washrooms subject to vandalism.



Piston, Spout, and Cover — Type-304 stainless steel with bright polished finish.

Cover Spacer — Rigid, impact-resistant polyester.

Escutcheon — Chrome-plated, high-impact-resistant ABS with bright polished finish.

Concealed locking mechanism. Body and Shank — High-impact-resistant ABS.

Valve — ABS cylinder. Stainless steel spring. U-packing seal and duckbills. Corrosion-resistant to most soaps and detergents. Equipped with a 36" (915mm) long supply tube; cut-to-fit in the field.

Coupling Tee — Black molded ABS. Fits standard 3" ABS or PVC pipe, schedule 40, with 3-1/2" (90mm) outside diameter (88–90mm nominal pipe sizes).

Clear Elbow — Smoke-grey, translucent ABS. 10" (255mm) long; cut-to-fit in the field. Drain hole in the bottom has a removable threaded plug with o-ring.

Black Flexible Hose — 1-3/8" (35mm) diameter, black, flexible PVC plastic hose. 33" (840mm) long; cut-to-fit in the field. Designer's Notes: Mounting screws, pipe connections, and end-caps are not furnished. Provide 1/4" (6mm) screws, washers, and lock-washers. Purchase pipe connections and end-caps locally from plumbing supply wholesaler. Pipe connection must be standard 3" ABS or PVC pipe, schedule 40, with outside diameter (88–90mm nominal pipe sizes). Black ABS end-caps for 3" standard U.S./Canadian pipe with 3 -1/2" outside diameter are available from Bobrick as an optional accessory; order Bobrick Part No. 922-45 (set of 2 end-caps).



Multi-lavatory, large-capacity soap reservoir system is versatile and adaptable for mounting under a variety of countertop construction and plumbing layouts. Eliminates frequent refilling of single dispensers. Reduces maintenance time and cost. Easy to check the soap level and to top fill the multi-dispenser, countertop-wide system from any one soap dispenser. Press piston down to dispense commercially marketed all purpose hand soaps. Vandal-resistant spout can rotate 360° without damage to unit. Escutcheon locks to body with a concealed locking mechanism that is opened only with special key provided. Designer's Notes: 1. Specify one unit for each lavatory. Each unit provides 0.9-gal. (3.3-L) soap capacity, plus capacity of pipe connections. Install one complete soap reservoir system under each counter. 2. Retrofit kits for Bobrick B-822 Series lavatory-mounted soap dispensers are available; order Bobrick Part No. 922-50, which includes coupling tee, clear elbow, black flexible hose, supply tube, and plastic tie.



Soap dispenser is designed for installation in 1±1 /16" (25±1.6mm) diameter hole in porcelain-enameled steel, stainless steel, cast-iron or vitreous-china lavatories, as well as in countertops adjacent to lavatories or in unused faucet holes. Shank accommodates maximum 4" (100mm) mounting thickness and can be cut-to-fit in the field.


1. Variations in design and construction of installations, such as location of plumbing, will affect the exact location of different elements of the soap reservoir system. But the system is designed for great adaptability by allowing on-site measuring and cutting of the black flexible hoses, clear elbows, and pipe connections as required; for example, the black flexible hoses and supply tubes can compensate for any offset alignment.

2. Allow horizontal clearance along mounting surface below countertop 5-1/2" high x 5-1/4" deep (140 x 135mm) to accommodate coupling tees and pipe connections of the reservoir system. Clearance required for each clear elbow is 3-1/2" (90mm) diameter x 6-7/8" to 12-3/4" (175–325mm) deep.

CAUTION: The following instructions are a general guide only. Detailed instructions for installation and maintenance are packed with each shipment and are also available in advance on request.

For plaster or dry wall on studs, provide concealed backing and 1/4" (6mm) mounting screws to secure system to wall. Backing must comply with local building codes. For brick, concrete or solid tile walls, provide fiber plugs or expansion shields for use with 1/4" (6mm) mounting screws. Mount one coupling tee and clear elbow for each soap dispenser. The centerline of coupling tee should be within 6" (150mm) of soap dispenser centerline. Use one coupling tee as template to mark the mounting hole locations for screws. Provide ABS/PVC or other multipurpose primer and pipe cement to connect all coupling tees, pipe connections, and end-caps to create a continuous line of piping. Mount the piping plumb and level to insure consistent soap depth throughout reservoir system. Thread plugs and o-rings into drain holes on underside of clear elbows. Reduce the length of each clear elbow as required. Glue each clear elbow to appropriate coupling tee so small opening on top is pointing up toward soap dispenser. Place either end of black flexible hose onto small opening. Take remaining length of hose and hold it up to shank of appropriate soap dispenser to determine where to cut hose. It is suggested that the hose overlap the shank 2" (50mm) minimum. Glue bottom end of each hose to small opening of clear elbow. Slide the top end of black flexible hose up over the threaded shank of soap dispenser. Do not seal top end of hose — it must be left unsealed to allow for venting of soap reservoir. Cut at an angle each soap dispenser's supply tube so the end reaches bottom of clear elbow. Insert supply tube through black flexible hose, making sure angled end reaches bottom of clear elbow. After all pipe cement has set, run water through soap reservoir to test for leaks. Drain reservoir by removing pipe plugs from clear elbows.



Lavatory-mounted soap dispenser with under-the-counter soap reservoir shall dispense commercially marketed all purpose hand soaps including liquid and lotion soaps, synthetic detergents, and antibacterial soaps containing PCMX and or Triclosan. Bobrick soap dispensers are NOT designed to dispense alcohol-based hand sanitizers or iodine-based surgical soaps. Piston and spout assembly shall be type-304 stainless steel with bright polished finish. Escutcheon shall lock to body with a concealed locking mechanism opened with special key provided. Spout shall rotate 360° without damage to unit. Soap reservoir system shall be top filled by removing any one of the soap dispensers, and its soap capacity shall be viewed from any one of the translucent elbows in the system. Each coupling tee shall mount to wall with four mounting screws. Minimum capacity shall be 3 liters per soap dispenser. Manufacturer's service and parts manual shall be provided to the building owner/ manager upon request.

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