Bobrick Spare Toilet Roll Holder

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  • Bobrick Spare Toilet Roll Holder
  • Holds 1 spare roll
  • Concealed fixings
  • Brushed Satin Stainless Steel
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Bobrick Spare Toilet Roll Holder

Manufactured from type 304 stainless steel with brushed satin finish

Threaded flange conceals mounting plate, provides snug fit to the wall

Vertical post accommodates one roll up to 127mm diameter with a core size from 19-38mm

Contemporary design line for cubicle area.

Product Code Colour Capacity Height (mm) Width (mm) Projection (mm)
 B-541 Brushed Satin   1 Roll Max Ø 127mm 205 50 (flange width) 90



Toilet Roll Holder -— 18-8, type-304, 0.9mm (20-gauge) stainless steel tubing with satin-finish. 19mm (3/4") outside diameter. End is welded to Concealed Mounting Threaded Flange. Clearance between the toilet tissue bar and the wall is 55mm (2-1/8").

Concealed Mounting Threaded Flange — 18-8, type-304, 5.6mm (7/32") thick, stainless steel plate with thread on outside edge for fastening cover. 46mm (1-13/16") outside diameter with two holes for attachment to wall.

Threaded Flange Cover — 18-8, type-304, 1.4mm (17-gauge), machined stainless steel with satin-finish. 49mm (1-15/16") diameter 13mm (1/2") deep. Cover fastens over mounting flange to conceal mounting screws.

Shelf Plate — 18-8, type-304, 3mm (1/8") thick x 49mm (1-15/16") diameter stainless steel plate with satin-finish. Inside diameter edge is welded to toilet tissue bar to hold toilet tissue roll.



For plaster or dry wall construction, provide concealed backing to comply with local building codes, then secure unit with sheet-metal screws (not furnished). For other wall surfaces, provide fiber plugs or expansion shields for use with sheet-metal screws (not furnished), or provide 3mm (1/8'') toggle bolts or expansion bolts. For partitions with particle-board or other solid core, secure with sheet-metal screws (not furnished), or provide through-bolts, nuts, and washers. For hollow-core metal partitions, provide solid backing into which the sheet-metal screws (not furnished) can be secured.




Spare toilet roll holder shall be type-304 stainless steel with satin-finish. Toilet roll holder shall have 0.9mm (20-gauge) wall thickness and 19mm (3/4") outside diameter. Clearance between the toilet roll holder and wall shall be 55mm (2-1/8''). Concealed mounting flange shall be 5.6mm (7/32") thick stainless steel plate, 46mm (1-13/16") outside diameter and equipped with two screw holes for attachment and thread on outside edge to fasten cover. Threaded flange cover shall be 1.4mm (17-gauge) stainless steel, 49mm (1-15/16") diameter and shall fasten over mounting flange to conceal mounting screws. End of toilet roll holder shall pass through flange and be welded to form one structural unit. Shelf plate shall be 3mm (1/8") thick stainless steel plate, 49mm (1-15/16") outside diameter and 19mm (3/4") inside diameter. Toilet roll holder shall pass through shelf plate and be welded to form a solid base.

b-541-i (110.56 kB)
b-541 (135.36 kB)
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