Eldom Eco Undersink Water Heater 10ltr

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  • 15dB silent operation
  • ENERGY SAVING – with minimal heat losses
  • LONG LIFE - innovative wear-proof zirconium enamel
  • RELIABLE – with a reliable "6-level protection"
  • UK WRAS Approved
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10 Litre Undersink Water Heater

Eldom unvented water heater ideal for hard water areas and can be used with standard mixers or taps. Connects directly to the cold water mains supply using standard 1/2 BSP fittings. The 10ltr will easily supply one kitchen sink or 2 small hand wash basins. Selective thermostatic temperature control range from: 7C to 75C. The Eldom eco water heater is fully equipped and no additional accessories are required. 

  • The Eldom Eco is silent in operation 15dB
  • For installation below sink, under pressure, min 2 bar max 6 bar
  • ENERGY SAVING – with minimal heat losses, tank coated with 30 mm of insulation, type penopolyurethan
  • LONG LIFE - innovative formula of wear-proof zirconium enamel and anti-corrosion cathode protection
  • RELIABLE – with a reliable "6-level protection"
  • Extremely convenient for installation in kitchen
  • Easy and quick installation – the device is fully equipped and no additional accessories or installation elements are needed
  • Supplied with cold water drain off valve
  • Wall fixing kit supplied
  • Combined safety valve – acting as a balance, return and differential valve
  • External thermo-regulator - for setting the water heating temperature
  • Illuminated switch
  • Modern elegant design
  • EAN: 3800035701258
  • UK WRAS Approved: United Kingdom and Scottish Water Bylaws
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Type 10 ltr Undersink Water Heater 
Power (kW) 2.0
Current Intensity (A) 13
Minimum Cable Size (mm) 2.5
Minimum Water Pressure (Bar)  2.0 
Maximum Water Pressure (Bar)  6.0  
Flow Rates (l/min) *
Working Noise Level (dB) *  15
Weight (kg) 8.0
Height / Width / Depth (mm) 430 / 285 /  288
EAN 3800035701358

*Please note: Flow rates are calculated using minimum water inlet temperature of 12°C

Do I need any accessories for installation?

Unvented water heaters can be plumbed straight into the cold water supply; and hot water supply straight to standard taps, however we would always recommend that it is installed with the 2ltr Expansion Vessel and Check Valve. The expansion vessel may be required if the cold supply pipe is not long enough to allow for the expansion of water when it is heated, your plumber will be able to advise you best if the expansion vessel is required!

Can this water heater be plugged in?

In the UK all Electric water heaters require a 240-volt dedicated circuit, which serves only the water heater and no other appliances or devices, this is a UK standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment!

What is the purpose of the reverse valve?

The reverse valve is primarily a safety valve in the event the boiler side becomes over presurised. It is also used to drain the the boiler side down during maintenance. The reverse valve drain can also be connected directly to external drain, this may be required if the expanded water cannot be accommodated in the pipework. 

What power supply do i need?

The current intensity of the 7, 10 and 15ltr is 13A!

How many sinks will the 10ltr serve?

The 10ltr is suitable for two handwash basins or one sink!

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