Flymatic IKGF-4 Domestic

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  • Suitable for Domestic use
  • Free Standing
  • UVA Light attracts flies
  • Uses fan to increase attraction
  • Low energy consumption
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This insect killer attracts insects using a UV-A lamp and an in built fan. Once attracted the insects are sucked onto the electric killing grid,

Remove flying insects without the use of chemicals, sprays or traps. Flymatic insect killers use Ultra-Violet rays to attract light sensitive insects such as flies and moths. These insects are killed when they come into contact with an electrocuted metal grid, or are trapped on a glue board. Insect killers which use an electric grid have a removable collection tray, which catch the flies and makes cleaning easy. Ideal for houses, factories, food outlets, cold rooms, hospitals and anywhere that needs to be kept clear of flying insects.


New modern design

Free standing

Ideal for domestic applications

Easy to maintain

Fan sucks in air to increase attraction

Lamp life of approx 8000 hours

Very low energy consumption

Product Code Colour Coverage approx. sq.m Lamps Lamp Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
IKGF-4 Silver 50 1 x 4w IKS-4W-TUBE 230 250 85

Q. How often should I replace my UVA bulb

A. We recommend that UV Lamps are changed every 12 months to ensure maximum efficiency.

The levels of UV produced by fluorescent Lamps deteriorates rapidly throughout the life of the tube. Whilst the tube will continue to glow blue indefinitely, after approximately 8,000 hours the amount of useful UV (which humans cannot see) drops to a level where it is no longer attractive to flying insects. As a result, UV Lamps must be replaced annually to ensure they remain effective in producing useful levels of UV. It is best to replace the tube just before the peak insect season, which is March/April.