Grab Rails

With our increasingly elderly population, more businesses are investing in creating a safe and secure environment for their older patrons. One of the easiest ways to ensure an improved washroom experience for older members of society at your commercial premises is to install grab bars and similar support structures.

They are as important in toilet cubicles as they are in shower areas. These affordable fittings require minimal installation and can be added to existing facilities without hassle. Such equipment is an investment in the safety of the members of the public and an excellent insurance against the possibility of lawsuits that may arise in case an individual does suffer an injury on your premises.

A Wide Range of Grab Rails

The following is a list of the variety of grab rail designs that we stock. It is a sample of our range, not the entire range itself:

  • Standard grab bars in 32 mm and 38 mm models;
  • Corner grab rails;
  • Wall to floor grab rails;
  • Support rails;
  • 130-degree angled rails;
  • 90-degree angled bars;
  • Swing-up grab rails.

Items are available for right hand and left hand installation. Most of these items are available in symmetrical designs so that they may be used for bathrooms and washrooms regardless of the layout. Rails are made of stainless steel to serve for a long time. Within our grab bars range, we also include folding shower seats that may be of assistance to the elderly. Because they can be folded up, they will not present an obstacle to other able-bodied individuals who use the same facilities.

Why Choose to Buy from QBIC Washrooms?

QBIC Washrooms has established a name for itself in the industry through our constant pursuit of service and product excellence. Over ten years we have demonstrated that our commitment is ensuring the best products at the lowest prices.

With the price match guarantee available at our online store, you can shop with confidence in the knowledge that you will never pay more than you have to with us.

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  1. Bobrick Grab Bar 38mm Diameter
    As low as £20.27 £24.32
  2. Bobrick Grab Bar 32mm Diameter
    As low as £13.55 £16.26
  3. Platinum Grab Rail
    As low as £19.60 £23.52

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