QBIC Turbo Mark II Eco Hand Dryer Brushed Satin

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  • Fast Dry Time
  • Low Energy Usage
  • Adjustable Motor
  • Solid Construction
  • Compact Design
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QBIC Turbo Mark II Eco | Brushed Satin | 75 dbA | Eco Friendly | Fast Dry | Low Noise

10 Second Drying Time


The Qbic Turbo Mark II Eco hand dryer is one of the most popular eco hand dryers on the UK and world markets. The model can be found in airports, fast food outlets, the English Institute of Sport, Motorpoint Arena and the Olympic Stadium. Qbic Turbo is a fast and low energy hand dryer, and with its solid construction makes it ideal for areas with an increased risk of vandalism. The Qbic Turbo Mark II is easily identifiable with its futuristic blue light.


Speed :

Manufacturer states a dry time of 10 seconds

With the combination of its mighty 18,000 rpm motor and a specially concentrated air outlet, the Qbic Turbo Mark II Eco generates a remarkable air force that removes moisture from the hands in as little as 10 seconds under normal drying conditions. The air velocity is a staggering 100 metres per second or 225 mph.
Independent testing revealed the Qbic Turbo Mark II Eco to be the most effective high speed unit when hands are placed under it. The test also involved the Xlerator, the Airforce, the C-Force, the Vortex, the Stealthforce and the G-Force hand dryers. 

Noise :

Manufacturer stated 75 - 77 dbA @ 1 Metre

In the high speed category, the Qbic Turbo Mark II produced one of the higher noise levels. The manufacturer gives the model’s decibel level as between 75 dB(A) and 77dB(A) (reading taken from one metre in a soundproofed chamber). In actual fact, the sound level with be higher than this depending on the acoustics of the room; it will also increase with hands under the dryer. Independent testing gave the following data using the Qbic Turbo’s turbo setting:
• Hands under the dryer in a normal room (represents maximum expected real life volume) - 93.7 dB(A)
• Hands under the dryer in an anechoic chamber (soundproof) - 84 dB(A)*

Usage :

Recommended for high usage washrooms over 300 uses per day

Energy Efficiency :

The Qbic Turbo Mark II Eco is branded as energy efficient owing to its fast dry times and low energy consumption; as such it has achieved ECA accreditation (the UK government’s tax relief scheme for energy efficient products).
The Qbic Turbo Mark II can either be a warm air or ambient air hand dryer, featuring a low energy rating of between 0.35kw and 1.6kw depending on the heater and motor speed settings. With the unit’s fast dry time of 10-15 seconds, the power consumption per dry can be as little as 2.9 to 4.44w per dry, making it able to function over twice as energy efficiently than the Dyson Airblade.
The Qbic Turbo Mark II Eco hand dryer uses less than 3.3g of carbon per dry, greatly contrasting with the 12.5g consumed per paper towel (typically 2-3 paper towels are used per dry). 
The model is ROHS compliant and uses roughly 80% less energy than a conventional hand dryer.

Hygiene :

The Qbic Turbo Mark II Eco offers non-touch action and a relatively swift dry. It does not come with any enhanced hygiene features.

Product Longevity :

The Qbic Turbo Mark II Eco has a universal brush motor with a life expectancy of approx 1000 continuous hours or 300,000 dry cycles

Installation :

The Qbic Turbo Mark II Eco is relatively easy to install,  All hand dryers require a suitable fused spur for installation

Vandal Resistance :

Sleek and compact in design, the Qbic Turbo Mark II comes with a 1.5mm thick stainless steel cover making the product highly robust and therefore ideal for locations with a risk of abuse. Its steel back-plate locks onto the cover via anti-vandal screws, to ensure an exceptionally resistant hand dryer.



 - Delivers an ultra-fast dry of 10-12 seconds with a highly compressed air force

 - Low energy hand dryer - 2.9 to 4.44w per dry

 - Reassuring 5 years’ guarantee

 - Adjustable motor and heater provides balance between performance, noise level and efficiency

 - Cost per dry - 0.023p, 1,000 dries for around 23p

 - Solid construction makes the unit suitable for all environments

 - Fully harmonised CE certification – LVD, EMC and EMF

 - WEEE and ROHS approved

 - Anti-vandal screws, heavy duty cover (1.5mm) and steel back-plate

 - On the ETL list – tax deductible in year one

 - High standards of safety - thermal protection with auto reset at 105 degree C

Alternative to the Vent-axia Tempest 437231, Air-Fury and Fast Dry


Energy Consumption Dry Time (secs) 12
Power Rating (kW) 0.70
Watts Per Dry (W) 2.33
Cost Per Dry  0.019p
Auto Sensor Detection   Yes
Performance Dry Time (secs) 12
Motor (RPM) 18000
Air Speed (MPH) 225
Noise Decibel Rating (dB) 78
Hygiene  No touch sensor operation Yes
Long Life Guarantee (years) 5
Electrical & Safety IP Rating IP23
  Child Suitability rating 2
Construction  Weight 5.8
Material Brushed 304 Stainless Steel
Certification     CE harmonised to EEC standards, TUV, GS and ROHS approved
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth (mm) 277 x 201 x 175
Product Code   TF03



Installation Heights are from the floor to bottom of dryer
Men 1170mm
Women 1120mm
Children aged 4 - 7 810mm
Children aged 7 - 10 910mm
Children aged 10 - 13 1020mm
Children aged 13 - 17 1120mm
Disabled Users 940mm
tf03_manual (840.56 kB)
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