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Commercial Washroom Products for Government Sector

Government buildings are under the constant and intense scrutiny of the public, and are held to higher standards of excellence than similar facilities found in the private sector. Those higher standards simultaneously have to be delivered at costs that do not attract undue attention, either at the initial investment stage or through the expenses of maintenance and subsequent upgrades.

The QBIC Washrooms range of products for the government sector satisfies all these criteria, and more. It is available in staid, sober and sophisticated designs that blend seamlessly with the dignified decor that symbolises your government department's unmitigated commitment to providing its distinctive brand of invaluable service to the public.

The QBIC Washrooms Government Sector Products Range

Our range of washroom fittings and accessories is the product of years of extensive research and collaborative relationships with our diverse range of clients. Through this, we have chosen only the most trusted brands to carry:

  • MediQo;
  • Magnum;
  • Freedom;
  • Platinum;
  • Aquarius;
  • QBIC.

All of them are internationally-recognised brands that have stamped their mark of quality in prestigious locations around the world. QBIC is our very own line. It is the result of the research and experience QBIC Washrooms has invested in ensuring that we meet all our clients' needs.

Create the perfect washroom for your government sector building from the wide variety of options and quality accessories only we can deliver.

Choose QBIC Washrooms for the Best Quality

Not many companies can lay claim to the extensive network experience that we possess, nor feature the commitment to quality evident in our product range. Our universal reputation for adhering to the highest standards of both sales and after-sales service has made QBIC Washrooms one of the most highly sought-after names in the industry.

We have achieved this stellar standing based on our:

  • Decade-long experience;
  • Wide range of the latest stock lines;
  • Ability to give trade discounts for bulk orders;
  • Next-day delivery service;
  • Superior after-sales care.

QBIC Washrooms appreciates the public service that your organisation provides. Let us partner you in this admirable undertaking.