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Commercial Washroom Products for Healthcare Sector

Perhaps the most highly specialised range of products from QBIC Washrooms is reserved for the healthcare sector.

To cater to the distinctive requirements of a healthcare-related facility, we have collated a series of product lines that help convey the image of surgical hygiene and cleanliness that is essential, but which also project a conducive sense of calm and order.

Accessibility is the other element of design critical to healthcare facility washrooms; the needs of individuals with restrictions on their mobility due to age or injury, or those who may require the constant support of medical equipment are taken into consideration. The result is a series of products that allow the washroom experience to be one of ease and simplicity of use.

The QBIC Washrooms Healthcare Sector Products Range

From major hospitals and trauma centres to the neighbourhood GP's office and even medical stations in public locations like schools and sports centres, QBIC Washrooms has the range of products that will amplify your ability to provide a superior level of comprehensive medical care.

Besides that, each individual fitting is also made to be resistant to the harsh chemicals that it must necessarily come into contact with regular cleaning.

Choose from our range of products with the utmost confidence that we have catered to every aspect of its quality and reliability, and that each has earned its place in our catalogue based on extensive testing and only after it has satisfied stringent quality assurance protocols.

The suppliers of this superior range of equipment are all major international brands:

All of them have built a reputation for high standards and their logos may be seen in washrooms within the most exclusive buildings. QBIC, MediQo, Freedom and Aquarius are our own brands that were developed over years of experience in the industry after extensive consultations with our clients.

Together, they represent one of the most versatile healthcare washroom product ranges available anywhere. Regardless of your healthcare facility location, size or budget requirements, QBIC has the perfect solution for you.

Choose Quality, Choose QBIC

QBIC Washrooms did not become a leader in the industry overnight; we have earned our stellar reputation through persistent dedication to supplying the best products and delivering impeccable customer service over many years.

We have been recognised for our:

  • Extensive industry experience;
  • Stock of the latest products and models;
  • Generous trade discounts for bulk orders;
  • Next working day delivery facility;
  • Professional staff and unmatched customer service.

QBIC Washrooms understands the commitment to providing excellent healthcare services that you have made. Allow us to assist you in alleviating the distress of those in need by providing them with an improved washroom experience at your healthcare facility.