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Commercial Washroom Products for Retail Sector

The hallmark of the retail industry is its unwavering commitment to every facet of superior customer service. This is evident from the washroom experience that retailers provide for their clientele; more often than anywhere else, it is at retail locations that advances in washroom technology and design are first introduced to the public.

QBIC Washrooms appreciate this dedication to constant innovation and perpetual improvement for it matches our own customer service philosophy.

Recognising the unique criteria that must be satisfied in facilities with the wide range of demographics and high volume of traffic characteristic of retail sector locations, QBIC Washrooms provides an expansive set of solutions customisable to cater to your unique requirements.

The QBIC Washrooms Retail Sector Products Range

From standard porcelain to specialised equipment like baby changing tables, our product range features durable, vandal-resistant fittings and accessories that are both easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. The water delivery systems they incorporate are characterised by low water usage and environmentally-friendly design.

Give your customers a premium washroom experience that combines modern design with green technology. Our range is available from the major brands:

  • MediQo;
  • Freedom;
  • Proox;
  • Dyson;
  • Valera;
  • Bobrick;
  • Aquarius;
  • QBIC.

You might recognise them from premium washrooms in exclusive locations around the world. QBIC is our own line of products that has earned its place with the others through our incorporation of design evolutions made in consultation with clients over a decade of close interaction.

Why Choose QBIC Washrooms?

QBIC Washrooms has risen to become an industry leader and innovator through our dedication to providing the highest quality products at competitive prices while maintaining a superior standard of after-sales service.

When you choose QBIC Washrooms, you take advantage of our:

  • Experience of over ten years;
  • Wide stock choices of the latest and most innovative products;
  • Trade discounts for bulk orders;
  • Next-day delivery ability;
  • Incomparable after-sales support.

QBIC Washrooms has the range, depth and innovative flair that will transform your retail sector washroom into a visually efficacious delight customers will talk about.