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Commercial Washroom Products for Sports and Leisure Centres

With the push to get an increasing number of people opting to participate in an active lifestyle, the demand for superior washroom facilities in the sports and leisure sector is set to experience a corresponding upsurge as well.

The washroom fittings and accessories requirements for this sector are perhaps more diverse than that of any other; besides the fixtures common to every washroom, there is also the need for additional amenities like showers, changing rooms, lockers and benches.

QBIC Washrooms has the product range and depth to accommodate every need that your sports or leisure facility might require to continue delivering the excellent health benefits to the public it always has.

The QBIC Washrooms Sports and Leisure Centres Products Range

Whether your requirements are for a dedicated sports centre like a swimming pool or track and field stadium, or for attached sports or leisure facilities like a gymnasium at a school or a sauna inside a hotel, your search for the perfect solution ends with QBIC Washrooms.

Apart from ensuring the high standard of products recognised across the industry, we stock a model range that incorporates green technology so you save on water and energy bills while doing your part for the environment. Where required, we can also supply extra-durable, vandal-resistant options.

We cooperate only with major international manufacturers:

  • American dryer;
  • Dyson;
  • Bobrick;
  • Valera:
  • Proox;
  • MediQo;
  • Freedom;
  • Aquarius;
  • QBIC.

QBIC is our own range developed in close collaboration with our clients over a decade, and is making its own mark on the industry.

QBIC - Excellent Choice for Your Washroom

QBIC Washrooms is an industry leader that has been recognised for its:

  • Reputation built over more than ten years of experience;
  • Wide range of the latest models;
  • Generous trade discounts offered on bulk orders;
  • Next working day delivery service;
  • Excellent after-sales care and support.

The country is starting to move' let QBIC Washrooms help you in your quest to build a healthier, fitter nation of the future.