Sureflo Automatic Counter Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser

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  • Sureflo Automatic Counter Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser
  • Touch Free
  • Top Filling
  • Auto System Flush
  • Requires 4 x D Batteries (not supplied)
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Sureflo Automatic Counter Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser

Top-filling for ease of maintenance and labour saving.

Touch-free sensor eliminates cross contamination.

Adjustable portion control from 0.4 to 3ml .

Auto System Flush button for easy cleaning and maintenance

Reduces soap usage and waste.

Can be installed into counter tops up to 50mm thick

Activation Lens allow for defined activation range to eliminate chance of false activation during hand washing

Battery Pack uses 4 “D” cell batteries (not included) providing a battery life of up to 200,000 cycles or 2 years

Note : This product is not designed to dispense alcohol-based hand sanitizers or iodine-based surgical soaps. To help prevent corrosion and extend the service life of soap dispensers, liquid soaps should be chloride-free and pH-neutral

Product Code Colour Capacity Height (mm) Width (mm) Projection (mm)
 B-828 Polished ABS Chrome   1000ml 75 70 170



Spout and Shank Assembly — Above the counter, chrome plated ABS plastic spout. Unit equipped with a spring loaded 180° rotatable lid with concealed locking mechanism for top filling. Rotatable lid mechanism consists of metal components. Integrated to Spout are a grey plastic Dispense Tip and Activation Lens Housing. ABS Shank connects to Bottle. Soap Bottle — Translucent, shatter-resistant polyethylene. Capacity: 34-fl oz (1.0-L).

Pump and Soap Delivery System — A plastic Gear Pump submerged in the bottom of the Bottle, pumps the liquid soap through a vinyl tube to spout. Bottom Housing – Water resistant, ABS plastic housing attached to the bottom of the Bottle, houses the PC Board, motor that drives the Gear Pump, and the Gear Pump Housing. It includes a Portion Control Knob, Flush Button to allow for system cleaning and maintenance, a connector for the Fiber Optic cables, and Power Port. Electronic Activation/Indication System – Pair of plastic Fiber Optic cables connects the plastic Activation Lenses to an IR Sensor located on a PC Board in the Bottom Housing. A third plastic Fiber Optic cable connects an LED located on the PC Board to an acrylic Lens at the tip of the Spout; a solid green LED indicates dispense activity and a red blinking LED light indicates low battery life. All three cables are intergrated into one Fiber Optic Connector Tip for ease of installation.

Battery Pack — Water-resistant, plastic material holds 4 Alkaline “D” Cell Batteries (not included). ANSI-134A, IEC-LR20 Designation, which includes most standard battery manufacturer’s D-Batteries. Optional 6V AC Adapter with U.S. Plug available. Order Part No. 3974-57 (For non-U.S. compatible plugs, order Part No. 3974-55).



To fill dispenser, insert tip of standard BobKey provided into opening of the concealed locking mechanism in the Spout Assembly with spout body to disengage door for quick and easy top filling. Lid will rotate open for filling dispenser with bulk liquid hand soap. Rotate door counter-clockwise to close and lock in place. To activate dispenser, place hand under spout near the sensor for approximately 1 second. Spout dispenses adjustable amount (adjustment range approximately .4 to 3 ml.) of liquid hand soap of various viscosities ranging from 100 to 19,000 cP (centipoise). Designers Note: Bobrick Liquid soap dispensers are designed to dispense commercially marketed all purpose hand soaps including liquid and lotion soap, synthetic detergents and antibacterial soaps containing PCMX and/or Triclosan.



Unit is designed for installation into counters up to 2" (50mm) maximum thickness with 1-3/8" (35mm) diameter mounting hole. Unit may be mounted through special hole requisitioned when lavatory is ordered from manufacturer (specify hole location). Recommended mounting location is between 6" to 8" (150 to 205mm) from back wall and 3" (75mm) from the sink rim to the center of the mounting hole. Minimum 18" (455mm) vertical and 5" (125mm) diameter clearance required for soap bottle and bottom housing below mounting hole. Mount Battery Pack (mounting hardware located inside Battery Pack) on back or side wall in a convenient location nearest dispenser for ease of access to replace batteries. Install 4 “D” cell high quality batteries (not included) in battery pack and insert plug in power port on bottom housing. Designers Note: For sinks with rim over the counter area, ensure that rim does not come in contact with activation area. Please refer to 824-191 Installation Instruction.



Automatic, Counter-Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser shall dispense adjustable amount (.4 to 3 ml) of commercially marketed all-purpose bulk liquid hand soaps of various viscosities. Spout assembly shall be bright polished chrome plated ABS plastic with integral shank to accommodate up to 2" (50mm) thick counter tops. Unit shall be equipped with oversized funnel shape opening, covered by a 180° rotatable lid with concealed locking mechanism to allow for top filling. Unit shall have LED indicators to show when unit has been activated and low battery life. Unit shall have IR Sensor located on PC board housed in water-resistant ABS plastic housing. Activation Lens shall allow for defined activation range to eliminate chance of false activation during hand washing. Portion Control Knob shall allow field adjustment of desired volume of soap dispensed per hand wash. Unit shall be equipped with an Automatic System Flush Button to allow for cleaning and maintenance. Battery Pack uses 4 “D” cell batteries (not included) providing a battery life of up to 200,000 cycles or 2 years. Optional A/C adapter available, order Part No. 3974-57.

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