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  1. Always Ultra with Wings x 1 pack
    Out of stock
    Always Ultra with Wings x 1 pack
    • Smart foam pad
    • Absorbs 10x its weight
    • Ultra-thin
    • Dermatologically tested 
    £15.00 £15.00
  2. Tampax Super 24 x 3 Pack
    Tampax Super 24 x 3 Pack
    • 8 hours of protection
    • Absorbent core
    • Anti-leak skirt
    • Anti-slip grip
    £23.04 £23.04 As low as £18.69
  3. Combo Sani Pack x 200 per case
    Combo Sani Pack x 200 per case
    • 1 Always with wings
    • 1 Tampax compak
    • Very discreet 
    • Best sellers in one box
    £193.80 £193.80
  4. Always Discreet 24 Per Case
    Always Discreet 24 Per Case
    • 1 per Pack - 24 per case
    • Incontinence Underwear
    • Medium for ladies
    • Continue with your day as normal
    £39.00 £39.00
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Feminine Sanitary Range

Achieving the most hygienic and safe menstrual period can be quite difficult when you keep running out of pads and tampons. That’s where we come in. At QBIC washrooms, our feminine sanitary range contains top-rated, verified tampons and sanitary towels of brands that are known by people for their good reputation of helping to maintain hygiene.

Our vending machines are kept at the utmost hygiene levels to maintain the quality and sterile integrity of the consumables. Be rest assured that the products will do you no harm and their hygienic state will not be tampered with, even during delivery. We have a care delivery system that gets the consumable to you in great shape and in no time.

Based on the data collected on the range of products consumers love to have in their machines, we have carefully curated a standard composition for each machine. Our rich experience from years in the industry also informs our picks. Our carefully curated picks save you the hassle of guessing things you may or may not need.

However, you have the liberty of configuring your vending machine to contain the consumables you need. We live in a customised customer-centric world anyway; we want you to enjoy that too. And you do not have to worry if your customized picks of consumables will fit in our vending machine. The vending machines have been carefully designed in varying sizes to contain whatever customised configuration you come up with.

Let’s discuss briefly four of our best sellers: -

Always Discreet: Its discreet style allows for comfort while being barely noticeable under clothes. Designed with 100% leak-free protection, it also keeps wetness away from the sides.

Always Ultra with Wings: This product offers the safety of smart foam pads in times of emergencies.

Combo Sani Pack: These tampons are hygiene and comfort packed into one case for all kinds of flows.

Tampax Super: Super safe and secure tampons with anti-leak features for the best protection.

And, please, you can contact our expert team for advice on the products, vending machines, and others.