QBIC Eco Plus Hand Dryer White ABS

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  • Eco-friendly
  • High Powered
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • 3.3 Watts per dry
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Qbic Eco Plus | White ABS | 72 dbA | High Speed | Energy Efficient

10-12 Second Dry Time


The Qbic Eco Plus hand dryer, is the latest European made hand dryer to arrive on the market. The aim of the designers was to create a hand dryer with the highest value and quality ratio; we believe they have accomplished their objective. The Qbic Eco Plus comes with a highly energy efficient 35,000 rpm motor that consumes a mere 800w whilst still raising the air temperature to 40 degrees to give a swift dry. The model has the internal build quality of products such as the Machflow and Airforce, the difference between them being the price tag.


Speed :

Manufacturer states a dry time of 10-12 seconds

The Qbic Eco Plus boasts a powerful motor with a relatively wide, yet still mighty, airflow that gives a consistent and rapid dry.

Noise :

Manufacturer stated 72 dB(A) at two metres

Usage :

Suitable for use in medium traffic washrooms

Energy Efficiency :

The eco efficiency of a hand dryer is calculated by dividing the rated power, in this instance 800 watts, by its dry speed, which we are confident in stating as 15 seconds (a little higher than that given by the manufacturer). This produces the consumption per drying cycle, which in this case is 3.3 watts.

• Manufacturer's energy consumption per dry - 2.2 watts per dry

• Our estimated energy consumption - 3.3 watts per dry

The dryer uses ambient air (no heater element) which is compressed and delivered at very high speeds to dry the hands. The motor revolves very quickly, therefore the airflow warms to a comfortable temperature whilst keeping energy consumption very low

The energy efficiency of the Qbic Eco Plus fares well against other more expensive high speed hand dryers and of course saves a huge amount of energy in comparison to the traditional warm air hand dryer that would use between 25 and 30 watts per dry.

Based on a 12p per kw electricity unit cost, we would expect the Qbic Eco Plus hand dryer to cost around 0.04 pence per dry, therefore 1,000 dries for 40p

Hygiene :

Fast and efficient drying is an essential factor when it comes to hand hygiene. The Qbic Eco Plus doesn't come with any enhanced hygiene qualities, yet it does deliver a speedy and effective dry without the use of a heater element. Owing to this, the Qbic Eco Plus hand dryer is a good, hygienic option.

Product Longevity :

The Qbic Eco Plus hand dryer comes with a universal brush motor purchased from the same manufacturer that makes motors for the Machflow and Airforce units. Universal brush motors do not enjoy the same long lifespan as digital brushless motors and therefore require changing periodically. Universal motors vary in their longevity; the brushes on this dryer have been tested over 150,000 continuous cycles without failure.

The expected motor life is 1200 continuous hours which means it would be expected to last around 7.9 years based on 100 uses per day and 2.6 years based on 300 uses (365 days per year).

To calculate your yearly hand dryer usage you may wish to contact us directly, however for a typical office with 9-5 working hours you will be looking at about 4.5 dries per person and for school pupils around 3 dries per person per day. You can therefore work out the number of uses per year and estimate when your brushes will require changing.

Installation :

The Qbic Eco Plus hand dryer is relatively lightweight, and extremely easy to install.

Vandal Resistance :

Suitable for washrooms where vandalism is possible. it is a sturdy stainless steel case with an anti-vandal resistant grid on the air outlet. It also has a sloped top and no visible leverage points which would allow for vandals to grip the unit and pull it away from the wall.

User Friendliness :

We prefer 'hands under' style hand dryers such as the Qbic Eco Plus for wheelchair users rather than blade style dryers as they are more accessible and offer a wider range of hand positions. This is also the case for small children. Please note that individuals with a disability that includes a noise sensitivity may prefer a quieter hand dryer option.



 - Architect classification NBS is N13/472 hand driers

 - Eco-friendly hand dryer - 800 watt rated with a realistic energy use of 3.3 watts per dry

 - High powered 35,000 rpm motor gives a rapid 10 - 12 second dry time

 - Robust construction - Stainless Steel 1.2mm thick

 - Fast airspeed and volume - 85 m/s with 2,660 litres per minute

 - Made in EU

 - CE and RoHS approved


Energy Consumption Dry Time (secs) 10 -12
Power Rating (kW) 1.8
Watts Per Dry (W) 3.3
Cost Per Dry  0.027
Auto Sensor Detection   Yes
Performance Dry Time (secs) 10 - 12
Motor (RPM) 350000
Air Speed (MPH) 179
Noise Decibel Rating (dB) 72
Hygiene  No touch sensor operation Yes
Long Life Guarantee (years) 2
Electrical & Safety IP Rating IPX1
  Child Suitability rating 3
Construction  Weight 4.50
Material ABS White Plastic
Certification     CE Fully harmonised
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth (mm) 320 x 288 x 171
Product Code   EF04WABS


Installation Heights are from the floor to the air outlet
Men 1170mm
Women 1120mm
Children aged  4 - 7 810mm
Children aged 7 - 10 910mm
Children aged 10 - 13 1020mm
Children aged 13 - 17 1120mm
Disabled Users 940mm
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