Airforce Eco Hand Dryer White

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  • Fast dry times
  • Compact and Light Weight
  • Energy Efficient Dryer
  • Eleven Jet outlets
  • Increased Hygiene
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Air Force
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Airforce Eco | White | 79 db(A) | World Dryer | Ultra Compact | Low Energy

High Speed | A Sleek and Stylish Dryer at a Fantastic Price


Manufactured by USA based World Dryer, Airforce hand dryers are ultra-compact, high speed, low energy and sleek in style, perfect for public washrooms or high traffic areas. Airforce is an extremely popular model in the UK.

High Speed :

Manufacturer states a dry time of 12 - 15 seconds

Noise :

Manufacturer stated 79 dbA

Usage :

Recommended for High usage washrooms  with over 300 uses per day

Energy Efficient :

Manufacturer stated the energy consumption per dry is 3.66 watts

The Airforce’s high speed fan with low energy consumption give it a fantastic green rating. Ultimately, the important aspect with regards the energy efficiency of a hand dryer is how many watts per dry are consumed. The manufacturer states the rated power of the Airforce as 1.1kw or 1,100 watts.

Carbon emissions for the Airforce (per 1,000 dries):  Airforce hand dryer - 4.1kg/co2

The Airforce is included on the UK government’s tax relief scheme for energy efficient products.

Hygiene :

The Airforce is amongst a new league of hand dryers which dries without heat evaporation. It is believed that heat evaporation is one of the reasons that could possibly make conventional hand dryers less hygienic than using paper towels. The Airforce hand dryer features a filter which works to restrict un-hygienic particles from entering the machine and thus being blown onto the hands. It also boasts a SterilTouch® anti-bacterial surface finish to eliminate bacteria growth. Its touch free sensor also provides protection against cross contamination. The drying speed and effectiveness is paramount with regards hand hygiene, as it is a fact that hands which are damp carry more bacteria than those which are dry.

Product Longevity :

The Airforce hand dryer features a universal brush motor; universal brush motors do not last as long as digital brushless motors and require changing over time, with universal motors varying in their lifespan. The brushes on the Airforce will last for around 1,000-1,200 continuous hours before changing is required (this is between 180,000-288,000 dries depending on the average duration in which they are used). The unit will likely have a couple of brush changes before the motor itself wears. High speed brush motors have a longer lifespan if care is taken to remove dust from the moving parts periodically.

To calculate your annual hand dryer use, you may need to contact us directly. However as a point of reference, for a typical office with 9-5 working hours you will be looking at approximately 4.5 dries per person per day and for school pupils around 3 dries per person per day. This can help you work out the number of uses per year and therefore approximately when the brushes will need replacing.

Installation :

The Airforce is amongst the lightest, most compact hand dryers on the market, making it easy to install, even in restricted areas.

Vandal Resistant :

Its shape ensures that attempts to gain a grip on the hand dryer to pull it from the wall are thwarted; and features a compact size which delivers strength. Comes with anti-tamper screws to prevent the easy removal of its cover. An advantage to the dryer would be to have a steel case and back plate, however, this is generally not an easy unit to vandalise.

User Friendliness :

 ‘Hands under’ style dryers, such as the Airforce, are more accessible to wheelchair users and young children than the blade style dryer as they allow for a wider range of hand positions. The Airforce particularly excels in this regard due to the wide airflow it delivers via its multiple air outlets; thus making the positioning of hands easier than highly concentrated airflow type hand dryers. Please note however, that individuals with a noise sensitivity may prefer a quieter hand dryer.

Summary Airforce Hand Dryers

 - Uses less energy than any dryer in its class

 - Low emissions

 - High speed, low energy  37,000rpm at just 1.1kW power output

 - Lightweight

 - 3 year on-site guarantee







Energy Consumption Dry Time (secs) 10-15
Power Rating (kW) 1.1
Watts Per Dry (W) 3 - 4.6
Cost Per Dry   
Auto Sensor Detection   IR Sensor
Performance Dry Time (secs) 10-15
Motor (RPM) 27000
Air Speed (MPH) 205
Noise Decibel Rating (dB) 79
Hygiene  Steritouch anti bacterial surface finish No
No touch sensor operation IR Sensor
Long Life Guarantee (years) 3 (on Site)
Electrical & Safety IP Rating IP24
  Child Suitability rating 2
Construction  Weight 3.2
Material Die-Cast Aluminium
Motor Type Universal Brush Motor
Heater Type No Heater
Certification     CE UL cUL TUV-GS Greenspec
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth (mm) 368 x 292 x 210
Product Code   BC0323



Installation Heights are from the floor to bottom of dryer
Men 1170mm
Women 1120mm
Children aged 4 - 7 810mm
Children aged 7 - 10 910mm
Children aged 10 - 13 1020mm
Children aged 13 - 17 1120mm
Disabled Users 940mm
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