Biodrier Executive Hand Dryer Silver

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  • Energy efficient
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • Enhanced Hygiene
  • Chic Design with LED activation lights
  • Fast Dry times
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Biodrier Executive | Silver | 58 - 80 db(A) | Fast Dry | Low Noise

10 Second Drying Time


The Biodrier Executive is packed with features that make it a very sophisticated dryer.  Its contemporary design and four colour choices will add a high quality finish to any executive washroom. 

High Speed :

Biodrier Manufacturer states a dry time of Under 10 Seconds

It uses two jets of air to remove water from the top and bottom of the hands.

Quiet Dryer:

Biodrier Manufacturer stated 58 - 80 dbA @ 1 Metre

There is a noise absorption module inside the dryer which minimises air friction and mechanical sounds from the motor.  This plays a large part in keeping the overall noise level of the unit down.  The 2 stage motor also allows you to reduce the level even further to around 58 dB(A) @ 1 mtr.

Low Usage :

Recommended for Medium traffic washrooms.

Energy Efficient Bio Drier :

The Biodrier executive uses the heat from its own motor to provide the warm air required to dry your hands. This feature drastically saves energy in comparison to a traditional hand dryer.

Rating Power : 700 - 1200 Watts

The brushless motor saves energy as it consumes only 700 watts of power

Hygienic Filters:

The Biodrier filters air through a triple HEPA grade 13 filter which removes 99.9% of all airborne particles and makes sure your hands are dried with clean, germ free air.  The hygienic filter system consists of a pre filter, an antibacterial filter and HEPA filter. These combined protect against bacteria and help combat viruses such as the corona and influenza viruses.

As well as being filtered the air is infused with our exclusive organic gel blocks which moisturise your hands, freshen the surrounding air of the room with a fragrant ocean breeze. The gels last for approximately a month at a time and are made from natural sources that are chemical free.

The outer shell is made from an advanced ABS plastic which not only makes it hard wearing, burn proof and rust proof it also has an Ionpure anti-microbial coating.

Product Longevity :

 A revolutionary new high speed brushless motor which makes the life of the drier almost infinite.  In the long term this will save users money with maintenance costs

Installation :

Easy Installation, with no additional considerations. All hand dryers require a suitable fused spur for installation

Vandal Resistance :

We would not recommend this hand dryer in washrooms that have a high level of vandalism

User Friendliness :

The Biodrier Executive detects hands accurately by using 3 infrared sensors which eliminates false or delayed hand detection, starting drying exactly when required. There is no contact with the dryer to activate it which helps to reduce bacteria transfer. Water which is blown from the hands during drying is collected in a drip tray. The drip tray has an intelligent sensor which will inform you when it will require emptying.  There is also an LED indicator which will advise when the filter needs to be changed


 - Chic design with appealing LED activation lights

 - Enhanced level of hygiene – features a HEPA filter and anti-microbial coating

 - Intelligent filter (LED) change system to ensure a continuous level of good hygiene

 - Fast dry – typically blade dryers deliver a consistent execution

 - Drip tray eliminates the risk of wet floors

 - Air freshener and hand moisturising option available

 - Attractively designed hand dryer with high quality features at an affordable price

 - Lightweight and easy to install

 - Has an excellent level of hygiene due to its HEPA filter and anti-microbial coating

 - Superb 5 year guarantee


Operating Voltage 220-240Vac, 50-60 Hz
Air speed  150 m/s @ 1200 Watts
Motor Type 35000 rpm, 2 speed adjustable brushless motor
Rating Power 700 - 1200 Watts
Drying Time Under 10 Seconds
Circuit operation Infrared automatic self adjusting
Timing Protection 20 seconds auto shut off
Drip proof IP33
Isolation Class II
Water Tank LED indicator when tank is full
Filter Sensor LED indicator when filter needs to be changed
Air Filter Antibacterial H13 HEPA fi lter
Air Freshner Organic ocean breeze fragrance
Net weight 9kg
Unit Size W 330 x H 670 x D 230mm
Finish Fireproof ABS, 94V0, PMMA, UV Coated
Decibel Rating 58-80 dba @ 1 mtr
Approvals CE, WEEE, GS, ETL, ROHS2, HACCP, GreenSpec®
Product Code  BE1000S
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