QBIC Junior Hand Dryer White

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  • High Velocity Hand Dryer
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Low Energy
  • 15 Second Dry Time
  • 70 dbA
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Qbic Junior | 70 dbA | High Speed | Energy Efficient

15 Second Dry Time


The Qbic Junior is a new budget, high speed and energy efficient hand dryer; brought to you at a price well within the reach of all customers. The unit is the smallest there is, making it perfect for compact spaces such as restaurant toilets. The Qbic Junior is an EU made model, which presents both reduced energy consumption and high velocity airflow at an outstanding price.

Speed :

Manufacturer states a dry time of 15 seconds

Having both a high velocity airflow and heat means you would anticipate a good dry performance from this compact hand dryer, and although the Qbic Junior doesn't disappoint, we are unable to confirm this until the independent results are determined.

Noise :

Manufacturer stated 70 dbA

Typically, the sound level of a hand dryer is measured in decibels dB(A) at a distance of one metre within a soundproofed chamber. However, this measurement does not take into account the increase in noise that occurs when hands are placed under the dryer or the impact of sound bouncing off the walls. Wherever possible, we provide the manufacturer dbA level alongside two independent test results, which are more reflective of real conditions.

Usage :

Recommended for low usage washrooms up to 100 uses per day

Energy Efficiency :

Qbic Junior uses 3.75 watts per dry

Based on a 12p per kw of electricity unit cost, the Qbic Junior would cost around 0.045p to 0.06p (£0.00045/£0.0006) per typical drying cycle, and therefore 1,000 dries would cost approximately 45-60p.

Hygiene :

Qbic Junior hand dryer offers non-touch action and a relatively swift dry. The Qbic Junior does not come with any enhanced hygiene features.

Product Longevity :

The Qbic Junior hand dryer features a universal brush motor. The brushes will last somewhere between 750 and 1,100 hours of continuous use before replacement is needed. In drying terms, this would be between 135,000 and 264,000 dries dependent on the level of traffic and the average duration that the hand dryer is in operation.

Installation :

The Qbic Junior is the lightest, most compact hand dryer in the world, thus providing an easy installation.

Vandal Resistance :

Due to the compact form of the Qbic Junior, it doesn't have any easy leverage points. However, as the unit only has an ABS cover, along with the fact that the unit is crafted to keep its price to a minimum, we would advise that whilst the product is acceptable for most areas, locations prone to vandalism would need to consider a sturdier model.

User Friendliness :

This is typically a good choice for wheelchair users as it takes up little space in the washroom which allows maximum maneuverability. The noise level is also fairly low for a high speed dryer; this is a key consideration, as wheelchair users can often be drying hands at ear level. With regards use by individuals with other disabilities, the unit is intuitive to use and provides drying from a reasonable range of positions. The model is relatively low cost and as disabled washrooms tend to receive lower usage, fitting an expensive hand dryer is often unnecessary.


 - Low energy use - 400 watt motor and 500 watt heater - 900 watt/0.9kw rated

 - Approximate usage of 3.5 to 5 watts per dry

 - High velocity hand dryer - 155 mph/69 m/s - 28,000 rpm motor

 - Fast dry time - 15 to 20 second dry

 - Low Noise Level

 - Compact and lightweight model - 1kg and half the width of a sheet of A4 paper in size

 - CE, RoHs and WEEE approved

 - ABS construction

 - Made in the EU

 - Architect classification NBS is N13/472 hand driers


Energy Consumption Dry Time (secs) 15
Power Rating (kW) 0.9
Watts Per Dry (W) 3.75
Cost Per Dry  0.030p
Auto Sensor Detection   Yes
Performance Dry Time (secs) 15
Motor (RPM) 28000
Air Speed (MPH) 155
Noise Decibel Rating (dB) 70
Hygiene  No touch sensor operation Yes
Long Life Guarantee (years) 2
Electrical & Safety IP Rating IP23
  Child Suitability rating 3
Construction  Weight 1.0
Material ABS Plastic
Certification     CE 
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth (mm) 238 x 156 x 99
Product Code   GFJ01W



Installation Heights are from the floor to bottom of dryer
Men 1170mm
Women 1120mm
Children aged 4 - 7 810mm
Children aged 7 - 10 910mm
Children aged 10 - 13 1020mm
Children aged 13 - 17 1120mm
Disabled Users 940mm
gfj01w (166.37 kB)
gfj01w_1 (173.84 kB)
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