Commercial Baby Changing Tables: How to Make the Best Choice for Your Business

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Commercial baby changing tablesare an integral part of any establishment whether big or small. While you are giving your all to provide the best products or services that your customers require, it is important to make the environment as comfortable as possible. This is why alongside other appliances installed in the washroom of your establishment, a baby changing table should also be made available. With this, parents will not have a hard time cleaning up their infant when in your establishment or organization.

Types of Commercial Baby Changing Tables

Horizontal Changing Tables

Most commercial baby changing tables are mounted on the wall. They are deemed to be easier to fit into a washroom. These changing tables are really good as they can be closed into the wall as if they are a part of the wall. Thehorizontal changing tables aredesigned horizontally such that when it is in use, it sits wide across the wall of your washroom.This model is deemed space conserving as it doesn’t extend far into the room like the vertical model.

Vertical changing tables

The vertical baby changing tables are designed vertically. They allow you to take significant control of what you are doing because they sit on the wall vertically. They extend farther into the washroom than the horizontal ones.

Choosing the Best Baby Changing Table

Whether you want to go for a countertop or a wall-mounted commercial baby changing table, you have to consider certain things before you make your choice.

Available space

If you’re in the market for a commercial baby changing table, then you need to consider the space that is available in your washroom. You need to purchase one that will not take up space and obstruct the movement of other people who would like to use the washroom. When you consider the structure in which your washroom is designed and the other appliances already installed therein, you will be able to know which one of the changing tables is perfect for your establishment.


The material used in designing the changing table is very important. You have to make sure that the material used is sturdy and strong enough,so it won’t collapse during use. You can purchase one produced using metal or plastic materials. However, it has to be strong enough to hold the babies and prevent them from rolling off.

Also, you have tolook for one with natural bacteria-resistant material. Changing nappies is quite messy. It becomes imperative to choose one that promotes hygiene. Most importantly, make sure the one you purchase is not painted with lead paint. Lead paints are highly and toxic, especially to babies. Also, lookout for a colour that goes with your washroom. This makes your washroom sophisticated.

Ease of cleaning

When you’re trying to make your choice, make sure you choose one that is easy to clean. This is because it’s not only one person that will be making use of the changing tables. Different parents will make use of it. This means you have to buy one that can be easily cleaned to make things easy for the parents and your cleaning staff.Take note to also place a waste bin near the changing table for customers to properly dispose of used nappies.

Storage Options

While you’re searching for changing tables, you have to look for one with storage options. This is because when customers want to change their babies, they will have their bags with them. Instead of placing it on the floor, the storage unit will come in handy. Also, it can serve as storage space for essential supplies that parents may need if they left theirs behind.

Safety Accessories

Every changing table has to come with the proper safety provision. Make sure the table has a safety harness to hold the baby in place during changing. Also, it should have four side rails so that the baby will not rollover. Make sure while installing the changing tables, there is no space that babies' little fingers can be caught in. This is to prevent casualties in your establishment or organization's washroom.


Reasons to Install in Your Company’s Washroom

Having baby changing tables in your establishment can change the face of your business completely. Every establishment's goal is to create an atmosphere of comfort that will make customers keep coming back. There are different reasons why you should have baby changing stations in your company’s washroom.

A Comfortable Environment for Customers with Children

Whether you run a restaurant, mall, daycare, preschool, or any other establishment, some of your customers will be parents and you want to try your best to meet the needs of your customers regardless of their specific needs. If your customers are mainly parents, then you should know that having baby changing tables in the washrooms is not negotiable.

Maintaining a Clean Environment

If you want your establishment to be clean and always free from germs, then having baby changing tables in the washrooms is very important. Changing a babies nappy is a dirty task. What is worse is having to change without the right structure available. If there are no changing tables provided in your washrooms, then the parents are forced to change their babies on the floor or near the sink. As you know, apart from been adorable, babies are also known for creating a mess. Without changing tables, creating a mess is inevitable.

Promoting a Safe Environment

People are likely to visit places that they consider safe for themselves and their loved ones. Parents and caregivers are most likely going to visit establishments that make proper provisions for the safety of their infant than one that doesn’t. Changing babies on the floor or the sink is not safe for the child as he/she can be exposed to harmful bacteria. Providing baby changing tables in your establishment will create a safe environment where customers always leave happy.


We are confident that you are aware of the importance of baby changing tables in your organization's washroom. Purchasing it will help staffs and customers with children feel comfortable. When you purchase yours, make sure you install it in both the male and female washrooms. This is because the caregiver can either be male or female.

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