Types of Hand Dryers on the Market

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Types of Hand Dryers on the Market


If you're looking to reduce energy costs and increase the hygiene levels in your commercial washroom, it's time to start looking at hand dryers. Hand dryers are zero-waste, fast, hygienic, and don't require constant re-filling the way paper towels do.

But did you know that there are 9 different types of hand dryers? Choosing the right combination of features can be tricky. In this article, we've explained each of the available options to help you make an informed decision.

Ready to boost the cleanliness of your commercial bathroom and reduce your monthly energy bill? Keep reading to learn more about the main types of hand dryers on the market today.

Heated Vs Unheated

Unheated hand dryers cost very little to operate because they have no heating element. They rely on high-speed air to dry your hands.

Heated hand dryers may speed up the drying time because water evaporates from the hands. The heated aspect also provides comfort to the user.

Operation Types

Push button hand dryers require manual force to operate. Users push a button to start the airflow, which runs for a set amount of time. These hand dryers are less hygienic than their no-touch cousins because they create an additional touch point for spreading germs

Automatic hand dryers switch on when the infrared sensor recognizes hands. Automatic electric hand dryers are more hygienic because it reduces the number of touch points in each washroom.

Mounting Types

Recessed hand dryers are installed in a recessed box in the washroom wall. These save space and are protected from accidental damage, but the wall box has the potential to collect germs.

Surface mount hand dryers require fewer parts during installation. They are also clearly visible because they jut out from the wall.


Hands under hand dryers have no place for germs to collect, but they can divert germs onto nearby walls or floors.

Blade hand dryers require users to insert their hands vertically into the dryer. The dry time is incredibly short, helping speed up the flow of traffic in and out of the washroom. There is a chance of germs collecting on the shared surface and then spreading.

Blade Hand Dryers


Tap hand dryers are built into the top of the sink deck. Any water and germs are blown directly into the sink, making this the most hygienic option. These do have the potential to cause bottlenecks in the flow of traffic in and out of the washroom, as people will spend more time at the sink.

Vandal proof hand dryers are heavy-duty machines that offer additional protection against vandalism and everyday wear and tear.

The Best Commercial Hand Dryer From QBIC Washrooms

Now you know the different options you have available when choosing a hand dryer for your commercial space. At QBIC Washrooms, we're here to help you find the right hand dryer for your commercial washroom.

Whatever type of hand dryer you choose, we stock quality equipment designed for commercial use. If you're looking to bulk buy hand dryers, please contact us to talk about our bulk buy discounts.

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