Commercial Hand Dryer For The Least Amount Of Money

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Commercial Hand Dryer For The Least Amount Of Money

In most cases, calling an appliance “commercial” grade means it is extra durable, more reliable, and also a lot more expensive than household versions. If you try to cut corners by buying cheap commercial grade appliance, most of the time, its performance will not be as good, it’s less energy efficient, and it’s going to be less reliable. But, it does not always have to be this way. The UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryer is manufactured in a factory that employs high-efficiency manufacturing techniques. This means they are able to produce high-quality parts that are not expensive. Because they use the materials so efficiently that not a single piece go to waste.


When talking about budget commercial appliances, it is presumed that styling is never a priority. It’s not the case with the UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryer though. It might be cheap but it’s still encased in a high-quality aluminium alloy solid shell. That gives it its elegant, uniform and stylish look.

It’s Ultra Affordable

If you’re on the market on the hunt for a commercial grade hand dryer, you will be looking on an average price tag of around and about 330 Pounds. The UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryer offers a significant amount of savings, and present better value at just around 70 pounds.


Earlier we have mentioned that the UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryer is protected by a high-quality aluminium alloy solid shell, but that does more than just give it a stylish look. It also protects the vital components inside such as the motor. The motor is a brush DC motor that operates at 5600 revolutions per minute. Also to protect it from moisture it has a waterproof rating of IPX1.


The UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryer operates at only 65 dB because the motor only revolves 5,600 times per minute. It is relatively lower than other commercial hand dryers.


Compared to other relatively more popular brands, the UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryer offer the same performance, reliability, quietness, and style as brands like Newlec, Airstream, Contour, and Mediclinics, for a lot lot less.

Product Feature Specifications

UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryer

    • Features an in-built infrared sensor that is a part of its anti-interfere technology.
    • Drying time is about 20 to 25 seconds.
    • One of the best drying times in its prices range.
    • Businesses can enjoy benefits such as the following:

- Energy efficiency.

- Effectiveness.

- Fast-drying.

- Quietness.

- Easy installation.

- Long service life.


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