Guide To Choosing The Best Toilet Roll Holder

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An essential accessory in the bathroom is the toilet roll holder or the toilet paper dispenser as the case may be. A bathroom is characterized by ease and hygiene. The toilet roll holder helps to maintain this attribute of the bathroom by dispensing the toilet roll at a reasonable distance from the individual. Regardless of the purpose of the building a bathroom is situated, there are some cogent considerations in shopping or deciding the kind of toilet roll holder that will be most suitable.

Size or Capacity

The toilet roll holder must be able to cater for the kind of use. For example, a bathroom at a railway station will require consistent use as against a toilet roll in a law firm. While the former should take more rolls, hence, reduce frequent change, the latter will require lesser toilet paper replacement. Bottom line is that the number of users should be estimated, and the figure should inform the kind of toilet roll holder you buy.

Core Compatibility

There are different sizes of the toilet holder core and their corresponding toilet rolls. Therefore, the best core should be of a smaller diameter than that of the cardboard diameter of the roll. This is important because some holders have specific complimentary rolls. However, the diameters are usuallybetween 2 and 3 inches.


The kind of use is a determining factor for any selection to occur. Toilet roll holders are made of wood, resin, bronze, stainless steel, ceramic or porcelain. The stainless steel is prized as the best with its elegant monochrome feels and rust-resistant properties. Stainless steel will last longer regardless of the frequency of use.

Plastic toilet roll holders can be great for kids with a high taste for fashion. This is due to the variety of colours it offers, and its lightweight. It is cost-effective and will last long in a bathroom for one user. However, frequent multiple users might lead to the constant change of the toilet roll holder due to deformation or breakage.

A toilet roll holder could also be brass or copper. The main material canbe electroplated with brass or copper. This makes them water-resistant and reduces their rust potential to a great degree. Though more expensive than plastics, electroplated metal toilet holders will last longer and can give the bathroom some classical, aesthetic feel. Also, unlike plastics, they are heavy but will not get deformed easily. They are more durable. 

If you are environment conscious, wood is a great option. Although mildews might start growing in the future, wood, porcelain, and ceramic will give the bathroom a vintage, classical feel. A wooden toilet roll holder in a restroom with high humidity may cause it to degenerate quickly.

Style and Finish

The toilet roll holder can be a good interior decor if it fits the style of the bathroom, and the finish is well done. Luxury bathrooms can use gold, silver or diamonds in the finish of the toilet roll holder. The basic and cheapest finish is plastic. You can get the colour that suits the bathroom.

If the goal is to adda traditional feel to the bathroom, a toilet roll holder made of bronze, wood, porcelain or ceramic will be the ones to go for. In neutral or corporate environments, the stainless steel toilet roll holder will blend. The surface can, however, be polished with nickel or chrome to give the bathroom a cool feel.

The coating is done to increase the life of a substance, which in this can be any metal. The coating is quite expensive, but it is worth it. It does not only beautify the bathroom but also make the toilet roll holder wear-resistant, relatively.

Toilet roll holders can be classified into two: wallpaper toilet roll holders and table paper toilet roll holders. The wallpaper toilet roll holders are more common. It has evolved with some having a small shelf to place a phone, cigarette or other things on it while you comfortably use the toilet.


If the toilet roll holder is to be mounted, the kind of wall in the bathroom/toilet should be considered. It could be a wooden padded wall, brick wall, or tiled. The former two are easier to drill into. Instead of drilling, you could glue the toilet roll holder to the tiled wall or use a vacuum grip or purchase models with suction cups.

 Also, 20-30cm distance away from the toilet and approximate 90cm distance from the top of the toilet roll holder should be maintained. Most walls mounted toilet roll holders have a considerably small capacity hence are used in bathrooms with lesser size and traffic. The holder is also mounted on the tank.


These kinds of toilet roll holders are best suited for large bathrooms or very small ones. Freestanding holders can be customised with a lot of creativity. The stand could be a doll, animal, etc. The distance of 20-30cm to the toilet should also be maintained for freestanding toilet roll holders. Proper positioning is important for both walls installed freestanding rollers

The ideal is for the rolls to be easily accessed from the toilet seat, especially if the user cannot move. If the toilet roll holder is too low or too high, kids, dwarfs and pygmies might find it hard to reach. Also, the toilet roll holder should be clear of cabinets or other obstructions.


If you carefully consider the above characteristics above to your taste and the environment you will be installing the toilet roll holder, getting the right will be easy. Another headache in commercial use is theft. Some toilet roll holders have a lock and key system that prevents people from prying them open. Other holders come with different systems to prevent vandalism.

Additionally, another thing to be considered in the Toilet roll holder use is the kind of rolls to be put in them. There is the 1 ply, 2 ply, and 3 ply rolls with the number referring to the number of layers hence thickness. The thicker the more comfortable but less economic.

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