Choosing The Best Wall-mounted Soap Dispenser

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Until recently, cleaning the hands comes with a gentle reminder. It's quite different now when personal hygiene is mandatory and more importantly, lifesaving. And thanks to technology, numerous machines and devices have been invented to help make personal hygiene easier while minimizing the spread of germs.

The wall-mounted soap dispenser is one of such valuable devices that are designed to be durable, economical, and most importantly, eco-friendly. While most of us have come across wall-mounted soap dispensers in public restrooms, many people don’t realize these devices are available for use at home.

Wall-mounted soap dispensers are designed simply for the convenience of its user whether in thewashroom or kitchen.The most outstanding feature is that they can be fixed to the wall by way of being drilled to the wall or self-adhesive. So, wherever the premise for your soap dispenser is, here are a few key criteria to consider before choosing the best wall-mounted soap dispensers for you.

Types of Soap Dispenser

You should know that there are two major types of wall-mounted soap dispensers; the manual soap dispenser and the automatic. Depending on your location and need, each type of this soap dispenser has its merits and demerits. The manual soap dispenser is easier to refill, doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, and is usually less expensive than its counterpart.

An automatic soap dispenser on the other hand is more modern, convenient, and minimizes the spread of germs.


What To Look for In a Wall-mounted Soap Dispenser?

Visible Alert System

Being in a situation whereby dispensers run out of soap is a nasty business and usually, the staff is not to blame especially, when the soap dispenser does not prominently display soap levels. It may seem inconsequential, but it is a rather important factor that needs to be considered when choosing your wall-mounted soap dispenser.



When choosing the material of your soap dispenser, first, you must realize that the material determines the durability of the dispenser and that there are usually 3 major kinds of material; plastic, glass, and stainless steel. Stainless steel soap dispensers are strong and durable and they come in various polished shades for aesthetic appeal. While plastic soap dispensers are lightweight, rust-free, and easier to install.

The downside of both materials is that the stainless-steel kind is more cumbersome to install and, in most cases, the soap level may not be apparent. The plastic soap dispenser however is not as durable and wears easily when exposed to sunlight.

Glass dispensers however aesthetically pleasing, are not as durable and are usually not suitable for places like the kitchen which has high temperatures because it may lead to expansion or cracking.

Ease of Maintenance (Refilling)

Soap dispensers come in two forms; refillable and non-refillable soap dispensers. In refillable (bulk) soap dispensers, owners can keep refilling their dispensers with any liquid soap of their choosing once the soap level diminishes. This is why it is the most economical.

Non-refillable soap dispensers on the other hand are usually automatic. They help guide against wastage since the device delivers equally rationed drops of soap into its user’s hand touch-free. However, it is not a wise option for a high-traffic location.


When choosing a soap dispenser, ensure you get one that can hold enough soap to serve a whole day depending on the traffic to your location. A small dispenser with a capacity of 500ml will not do in a restaurant, an office, or a school bathroom. Rather it is more advisable to select a soap dispenser with a larger capacity to reduce unnecessary maintenance.



For high-risk locations, you can protect your device by investing in a wall-mounted soap dispenser with an integrated locking mechanism to effectively keep it secured to the wall and protect it from vandalism and dust when it is not in use.

Preferred Soap

Whatever kind of soap dispenser you choose, you would no doubt need to select the preferred soap for your washroom. Majorly between liquid soap and foam soap. Knowing what kind of soap you prefer is as important as knowing what kind of soap your dispenser is designed for.

This is necessary because foam and liquid soap as it happens come in liquid form. The former is formed from the release of air caused by the extra pump fitted into a foam soap dispenser.

So, if your preferred soap is foam, you may need to find out if your potential soap dispenser is fitted with that extra feature.

Foam soap dispensers are generally more eco-friendly because they are pre-lathered soap and need less water when rinsing and are economical due to fewer refills.


For those who prefer to leave as little carbon footprint as possible, glass dispensers are the obvious choice since they are usually made out of recycled glass. Also, features like foam soap dispenser are an added edge. Opting for refillable soap dispensers also encourages reuse.

Ease of Installation

Installing a wall-mounted soap dispenser is nothing like placing a soap bottle on a counter. In some cases, the soap dispensers are fixed with screws that are drilled into the wall to hold them steady. If you need to install a stainless-steel dispenser especially one with a larger capacity, it is wise to employ the help of a professional so it can be fastened in place appropriately.

Plastic dispensers are easier to install because they are lighter. Other methods of installation include the use of strong adhesives, which can be easily done without any professional help.


If you are intending to purchase your wall-mounted soap dispenser, these few guides will help you make up your mind and choose the best soap dispenser/s. Bear in mind that every kind of soap dispenser mentioned have their strengths and weakness and pointing them out is only to help you make the best decisions as to your needs.

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